Bottled water labels are not only for beverage brands, now it expands the feature of promoting your business. Hadupack is the number one supplier for Bottled Water Labels. We have a wide range of designs, and label materials, so your choices are never limited.

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Production of bottled water labels

Whether you are just starting a brand of bottled mineral water, or are a large-scale production plant. The labels produced by us will impress your customers with a great print.

  1. Printer FL3 – Edale for absolute color and detail.
  2. Wide range of materials, from waterproof polypropylene or cost-effective paper materials.
  3. The 2-sided label printing solution makes your products unique and modern.
  4. Produce and print any shape and size to fit your bottles.
  5. Fastest production speed in Vietnam and guarantee to reprint or refund if customer is not satisfied

New technology bottled water stamp printing solution

Bottled water is one of the drinks where the label plays an important role in promoting the product. Your water can be filtered, it can be from a spring, it can be underground, it can be flavored or it can be fortified with certain vitamins… You want your customers to understand all the information about the product and also Want your brand to be clear on the label.

In Label’s 2-sided label printing solution for bottled drinking water is ideal in this case. It provides more space for you to display information to reflect to customers how well your product is on the back of the label, and clearly shows your brand on the front of the label.

Tips for using bottled water labels to strengthen your brand

Bottled water labels aren’t just for beverage brands, now it’s expanded to promote your business. By creating your own branded bottled water label and using it in holidays, seminars, meetings, etc. Your brand image can appear everywhere, such as newspapers, online. social media, even on television.

Hotels, or restaurants, resorts are the areas that should apply this great idea.

About our Bottled Water Labels


The material we use to label your bottled water is polypropylene, the safest and most durable of all materials. Its advantages are:

  1. Waterproof.
  2. Bright, clear colors
  3. Safe for food contact.
  4. The weather.
  5. Tear resistant.
  6. Low temperature resistance, such as storage in the freezer


If you don’t have a design for your bottled water label yet, In Label will help you create one according to your requirements. While our customer support team is always available to help with every aspect of placing an order. In addition, we always guarantee the quality of the labels and will refund your money if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Production and delivery speed

We are equipped with industry-leading state-of-the-art printing lines, boasting fast printing speeds and consistent label quality. Your labels after ordering, depending on the quantity, will be delivered free of charge in just a few business days

Why choose Hadupack to print bottled mineral water labels?

Customers choose us to print labels for water bottles because they know we offer the best products on the market. We take customers’ ideas and specifications to produce labels and always make customers happy. Our recent projects near mineral water label printing.


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