Circuit Board Labels & PCB Labels



Electronic circuit board labels – Electronic component labels

Electronic circuit board labels used in the production process of circuit boards and components. Capable of withstanding extreme environments and temperatures.


Labels for electronic parts and components:

Electronic circuit board labels are labels designed to support specialized manufacturing processes applied to circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components. These labels typically have to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, electromagnetic interference, and chemical exposure. Used for component identification, traceability and to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Feature features:

  1. Can withstand heat up to 350°C.
  2. Outstanding chemical resistance
  3. Can withstand frozen storage and harsh environments
  4. Lead Free – Meets RoHS standards.
  5. The ink is resistant to smudges and fades when exposed to high temperatures.

Purpose of using labels for circuit boards and electronic components

  1. Identification: Helps identify components, circuits and connections.
  2. Traceability: Allows ingredients to be tracked throughout the manufacturing process.
  3. Quality Control: Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.
  4. Compliance: Meet regulatory requirements and industry specifications.

Applications of labels for electronic components, electronic circuit boards

This type of label is widely applied in various aspects of electrical and electronic industry. They are used on a variety of products ranging from small electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops to large electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

Barcode labels alphanumeric identification and QR code stamps of printed circuit boards or related electronic components. It works perfectly after circuit board manufacturing processes, because of its ability to withstand extreme environments and temperatures.

  1. Electronic manufacturing industry for PCBs and components.
  2. Assembly and production lines for tracking and identification.
  3. Repair and maintenance operations to simplify troubleshooting.
  4. Wide application for printed circuit board, motherboard, machine motherboard computers, mobile phone motherboards, chips and other high temperature labels.


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