Printing juice labels – Fruit juice labels



Printing juice labels – Fruit juice labels

Juice labels are powerful marketing tools that not only attract consumers but also drive higher consumption.

Attractive juice label printing plays an important role in attracting consumers and driving higher consumption rates. When the label for a bottled juice product is well designed, it has the ability to attract attention, convey brand identity and communicate key messages effectively.


Advantages of our fruit juice labels

  1. Made from durable, waterproof material that has excellent low temperature resistance for items that need to be refrigerated.
  2. Strong adhesion ensures proper adhesion to plastic and glass juice bottles or containers.
  3. Does not pose any health risks.
  4. Environmentally friendly.
  5. Print high quality with vibrant colors, sharp images and clear text.
  6. Best prices in the industry.
  7. Always be exactly the shape and size you require.

Trust the quality of your juice bottle labels when you order with Hadupack, where you’ll have a completely different and enjoyable experience. We’ll show you how sharp your bottled juice labels look from a leading state-of-the-art printing line in the country:

Common materials in fruit juice label printing

Hadupack offers a diverse portfolio of premium ingredients and finished products to help keep your juices looking great. Let drinks need to be chilled or iced without problems, or show the “organic” nature of your bottled juices

  1. Matte white, glossy white paper
  2. Brown Kraft Paper
  3. Translucent plastic stamps, transparent plastic stamps, glossy white plastic stamps
  4. Silver stamps

Benefits of bottled juice labels

Brand story

Tell a compelling brand story through your juice label. Share the inspiration behind the brand, values and commitment to quality. Incorporate an impactful slogan or mission statement that resonates with your target audience.

Focus on Health

Highlight the health benefits of using juice. Emphasize the natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, or other nutritional benefits it offers.

Ideas on how to use juice

Come up with ideas for incorporating juice into your daily routine, like having breakfast with juice, drinking it after a workout, etc.

Increase engagement

With brand information printed on labels, can be presented in text or QR codes linked to online content, such as videos when you choose fruit, when making juice… This information will create inspiration and real experiences, customers will be more impressed with your brand.


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