Decal paper



Decal paper stamps – Glossy – semi-glossy – matte coated paper stamps

Glossy, semi-gloss, and matte coated paper stamps are cheap but durable, beautiful and meet all the needs of many industries.

Product information Coated paper stamps

Coated paper stamps are labels made from paper that has been coated with a film on the surface during the manufacturing process. Coatings designed to improve certain characteristics of paper so that the finished paper product has the properties required for its intended application, including opacity, brightness, whiteness, color, surface smoothness, and opacity. surface, gloss and ink receptivity.

Hadupack’s coated paper stamps

With a wide range of high-gloss, semi-gloss or matt stamp material options, Hadupack offers a wide range of options to match the look of your product.

High gloss coated paper stamps

Hadupack high-gloss coated paper increases gloss and reduces ink absorption compared to semi-gloss and matte coated materials. Coated paper has a high gloss and enhances print sharpness.

Semi-glossy paper stamps

Semi-gloss paper stamps reduce glare without sacrificing the vibrancy of the material’s colors. The ideal semi-gloss paper for product packaging offers the right balance between high gloss and matte finish.

Matte coated paper stamps

Matte coated paper stamps are manufactured with a light coating that increases the contrast of the image, resulting in low gloss. Matte coatings provide smoother, softer appearance and presentation than glossy or semi-gloss coated papers.

Decal application

Coated paper stamps can be pasted on most flat surfaces and simple surfaces, including cardboard, plastic film… It is widely used in all industries, for example,

  1. Food and beverage packaging
  2. Cosmetics and personal care products
  3. Medicine
  4. Retail products, promotions, incentives
  5. Industrial and logistics labels
  6. Widely used in supermarket
  7. Inventory management…



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