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Sealing void open – Maintain product integrity

Void labels are used in many industries to protect products against tampering. They are an important tool to ensure product safety and quality.

Detailed information about labels void – Void open

The void stamp is a type of security label designed to indicate when packaging has been opened or tampered with. It is used on many products where product safety and security is very important.

Texture of void tem stamp

The void open stamp is created using a combination of materials, and has three basic layers:

  1. The top layer is made of paper, or plastic film, or metal film. Used to print the necessary information on the surface, or may not print.
  2. Glue layer in the middle.
  3. The bottom layer is made of lining.

The principle of operation of the stamp

The use of this type of security stamp is done by the adhesive layer. The printed layer “VOID” message will be displayed on the surface when the stamp is peeled off. And when I put the stamp back on, it still doesn’t display like the original…

Instructions for choosing the type of void stamp suitable for the stamping surface. What are 03 popular void stamps?

The void stamp does not peel

A stamp that leaves no residue on the surface of the sticker after being removed, the surface is still completely clean, can be reused one more time. Apply on damaged glass and metal surfaces.

Applications: Products such as computers, mobile phones, container doors, lockers, drinking water and food packaged in bottles, glass boxes…

Partial void stamp

This is a type of stamp that leaves a VOID residue on the glued surface and the glue layer of the stamp, which cannot be reused. This stamp is designed as a cost-effective way to apply stickers on various types of plastic packaging, PE bags, plastic bottles.

Applications: Products such as cosmetics, plastic medicine bottles, PE bags…

The void stamp is completely peeled off

A type of stamp that leaves all void residue on the stamped surface after removal. Is the perfect solution to protect all products packed in paper boxes, carton boxes.

Application : Products packed by paper box.

Production of void seals:

Hadupack produces seals with a variety of material requirements and stamp shapes. Here are some options for your reference and please contact Hadupack to order production:

Materials used to produce the Void Open label

There are many materials used to produce the Void Open label. Some of the popular ones are

  1. Ordinary paper decal
  2. Plastic film void stamp, popular are OPP, PE, PET, PO . films
  3. Security stamp void hologram
  4. Void Sealed Silver Stamp




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