Silver Polyester Labels



Silver Polyester Labels

Silver stamp printing is the right solution if you want your product labels to stand out and be fancy. It gives product packaging a luxurious, premium look that has been proven to attract consumers.

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1.Printing silver stamps make your products shine:

When it comes to product packaging and labeling, you can go the traditional route with paper labels, or waterproof plastic stamps to save your budget. However, in terms of durability and efficiency, it will not be as good as silver stamps.

Silver stamps are the perfect choice to highlight the logo, the message of the design that you want to attract the attention of customers. Many brands of household appliances, cosmetics, and high-end items often use shiny silver stamps for easy identification.

First of all, silver stamps have an aesthetic quality that most other materials don’t have. That quality, of course, is the ability to reflect light very well and is favored for the way it interacts with light sources such as sunlight, electric bulbs at supermarkets or shopping centers. Consumers always see your product sparkling in the aisle.

2.Benefits of printing silver stamps:

a.Make the product more beautiful and outstanding

If you want your product to stand out, you should use silver stamps, whether it is a silver stamp as a product label or a stamp as a product logo attached to the packaging. Helping to differentiate your product and give it a modern look can capture the attention of your customers. When your product or product stands out, it’s fun. Consumers want to buy and use it to and your product sales will be higher.

b.Increasing the beauty of the product

The appearance of the product should always be good-looking because it is the first thing that consumers evaluate before deciding to buy a product. Silver stamps always make your products attractive and beautiful.

c.Create luxury for the brand

Adding luxury to the brand is a huge benefit when printing silver stamps for brands. Suitable for businesses that want to hit high-end customers because the silver color creates a sense of luxury and class, and increases the value of the product.

d.Create a good image for the business

It’s not just about making a product stand out or creating luxury for a brand. At the same time, it also reflects the image of the business. It helps build a good image for your business, making your business more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

Advantages of silver stamps:

  1.  Operating temperature: -30°C to 110°C allows to be used as a label for products that need to be refrigerated such as alcohol and soft drinks.
  2. Scratch resistant and UV resistant.
  3. Tear resistant and waterproof.



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