Security Labels



Security Labels

Anti-photographic film stamp is a form of sealing stamp, used to stick on the camera lens of mobile devices such as Smartphones / Tablets / Laptops… to prevent filming, taking photos of data, copies, etc. Drawing, high-security machinery such as research rooms, production areas, high-security areas of enterprises and organizations.

When peeling or partially removing, completely peeling or even peeling off the edges of the stamp, the words VOID OPEN will be displayed. This is a sign that makes it easy for the company’s security departments to quickly detect.

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How to use the anti-filming sticker:

  1. Anti-filming and photographic stamps are affixed to the lenses of mobile devices that can take pictures and videos to prevent capturing of confidential data.
  2. Stick on the laptop’s connection ports to prevent network access, or other device connection ports.
  3. Or stick it on doors, envelopes, documents…

Features of Stamps against filming and taking pictures:

  1. On the Camera Sealing Sticker, there is always a warning that it is strictly forbidden to peel or not take pictures clearly.
  2. Removable residue-free adhesive so the label’s adhesive doesn’t leave stains on customer devices.
  3. Barcodes, jump numbers, Qrcodes, or special codes can be printed to create a unique identity for each person’s phone.

Benefits of using anti-photographic stamps:

  1. Your customers, meeting attendees, visitors are free to use the phone.
  2. Low cost but high efficiency.
  3. Show your professionalism.

Producing & Printing anti-photographic stickers, Security Labels

Hadupack has produced camera stickers for many brands and factories.

  1. Our stickers are designed to fit all types of smartphones, tablets, electronic devices, iPhones, iPods and iPads.
  2. Adjustable size, color, logo.
  3. Add special security features based on customer requirements such as: Barcode, Qrcode… to scan barcodes to meet customer needs.

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Signs that the phone camera security label has been removed

Because of the specificity of the sticker that covers the camera phone, computer, laptop, it is only used once, so when it is removed, it will leave recognizable signs as follows:

  1. Opened stamps will have their contents peeled off or their structure destroyed
  2. On the stamp will show OPEN or OPEN VOID
  3. Once the stamp is opened, it cannot be re-glued


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