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Heat resistant labels– Features and benefits

High temperature labels are labels designed to meet the high temperature requirements for almost any industrial application (from 250ºC – 500ºC ). At the same time, heat-resistant stamps also withstand exposure to chemicals, corrosive solvents, moisture and repeated impacts.

For some high-temperature applications where the adhesive loses its adhesion at this temperature, a hole or other design element is often present on the stamp to facilitate mechanical bonding.

Common applications for high temperature labels:

  • Product identification, electronic component identification
  • Presentation of safety information.
  • Labels for products that generate high temperatures when in use.

Properties of heat resistant labels:

Heat resistant labels will have different properties depending on the combination of label material and adhesive used. This will affect the characteristics of the label and how it behaves under certain conditions.

Some label materials can withstand high temperatures for a long time, and some can only withstand a short time.

Why is heat resistant stamp important?

We all know, labels have many advantages and benefits, such as helping traceability, improving production processes and making an important contribution to product marketing campaigns. However, extreme environments such as high temperatures often fail to take advantage of the label’s benefits.

Fortunately, Hadupack has specialized label solutions that are compatible with a wide range of temperature conditions. Heat-resistant stamps are great for a variety of applications such as:

Electrical appliance applications: Kettle labels, oven labels, irons, electronic components… These products often get hot when used, normal labels will not be suitable because of the adhesive or Material may be damaged

The difference between temperature resistant labels and ordinary paper labels:

  • Excellent durability
  • High wear resistance
  • No abrasion, hard to tear, no ink smudge
  • Durable even in direct contact with moisture, chemicals
  • Can withstand short or prolonged periods of high temperature
  • Can survive multiple high temperature cycles

Which high temperature stamp is the best?

Which type of high temperature label is best will depend on your specific application. Extreme temperature applications require private label solutions – something Hadupack has always been able to deliver.

Producing high temperature resistant stamps:

When you need high-temperature stamps for special applications, Hadupack offers a wide range of solutions and manufactures labels for high-temperature applications, made with durable materials that won’t melt or decompose at temperatures high and resistant to breakdown when exposed to industrial chemicals.

Popular industries for high temperature stamps:

  • Electronic industries
  • Mechanical machines
  • Manufacture of steel & metal
  • Production processes related to glass, ceramics
  • Printed circuit board
  • Wave welding process, ultrasonic welding …

Benefits of Hadupack’s high heat resistant labels:

  • Comply with RoHS environmental regulations.
  • Durable in extreme temperatures.
  • Permanent adhesion to all surfaces.
  • Suitable for wave soldering conditions
  • Solvent resistance
  • Thick adhesive coating for uneven surfaces
  • Labels are made in any size, shape and design to perfectly suit your requirements.


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