What does the clothing label include?

Clothing labels are a set of products used to provide complete information to users. Clothing labels are extremely necessary for products available on the market. It shows the professionalism of the production unit, useful in helping customers recognize your clothing brand. From there, promote and sell clothes effectively. Hadupack’s quality and professional label design and printing services help ensure the interests of customers.

What is a clothing label? Benefits brought?

Printing clothing labels is a very familiar and popular service today. Clothing labels or tags are products that are attached to clothing products. Labels help to show the characteristics, information as well as promote the brand of the product. Besides, it also helps to promote the brand, show professionalism and build trust for customers in clothing products. It can be seen that impressive clothing label designs are extremely necessary for professional clothing business units. Currently the most popular on the market are paper labels and fabric labels.

Clothing labels show professionalism and promote business brands

Information on printing and labeling clothing labels

Clothing labels need to have detailed and complete information about the product to provide to customers. The necessary information for printing clothing labels is:

  1. Print the product’s own brand and logo: The product label cannot lack the brand logo. Clothing products will be easily identified and help customers remember the product.
  2. Size information: Clothing size is extremely important to help customers choose the most suitable size. Clothing size will be different for each brand and it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of size and size printing in the process of printing labels.
  3. Printing of clothing materials: Information on clothing materials will help customers recognize the product’s material. From there, make the most appropriate purchase choice.
  4. Print storage information, instructions for use: This information will be very useful to customers to properly preserve the product. These are also important information, showing the professionalism of the clothing label template.

Quality clothing label printing material

Hadupack has a wide variety of label printing materials for customers to choose from. The most common printing materials are:

  1.  Woven fabric mark: This is a fairly common type of printing label, the mac material is usually satin, silk or cotton depending on customer needs. Clothing brand names and logos are pre-designed and printed on fabric labels. Woven fabric will be designed to be used on the neck or side of the shirt.
  2. Paper marking: Paper marking is also very common and is a popular printing material. Labels are usually made of thick Ivory, Couches or Kraft materials. Paper clothing labels are also designed with a variety of shapes such as square, round, rectangular depending on the needs of each unit.

There are also clothing labels with leather and metal materials, but these two materials are more common.

What components are included in garment label printing?

Like other product labels, clothing labels are also the face of clothing, a brand identity mark, helping customers remember your brand. Clothing labels are usually attached, rented, attached at some fixed positions such as shirt ribs, collars, pants sides, waistbands… So what are the components of clothing labels?

A set of clothing labels includes 3 main components: woven clothing labels, clothing fabric labels and clothes hang tags.

Clothing fabric labels

Clothing fabric labels are also known as fabric labels, ribs stamps …, often sewn on the side of the shirt, to provide information about product materials and instructions for use. The information printed on the clothing label is usually an easy-to-see symbolic symbol. Clothing labels are usually used in 3 main materials: cotton, satin or nylon.

  1. Satin label: is synthesized from glossy yarn, including regular satin label and border weave.
  2. Nylon labels: synthesized from ordinary fabric fibers with thick density, also known as paper labels, with the cheapest price.
  3. Cotton label: the fabric density is thick, quite expensive and high-class.

Depending on the material, color, and quantity, the cost of printing fabric labels for clothing will vary.

Clothing woven label:

Clothing woven labels are often attached to the inside of the collar, the neck of the skirt or the waistband of the pants, used to provide information about the product brand name, slogan or size label …

There are two types of clothing woven labels: plain woven labels and satin woven labels.

  1. Normal woven label: There is no woven border at the edge of the stamp, after washing for a long time, it is easy to peel, fade, and the sharpness is not high.
  2. Satin woven label: has a border woven to keep the woven fibers from falling off, so it is durable, can be used for a long time, the finished product is very beautiful and sharp.

Unlike nylon, cotton or satin labels, woven labels can only be woven on one side and print information on one side.

Among the types of clothing labels, woven labels have the greatest durability and work, so the cost is also the highest. Brands often design and use a single type of clothing woven label, which rarely changes.

Clothes hang tags, Clothes hang tags:

Along with fabric labels and woven labels for clothes, hang tags are also a part of the clothing label product set.

Clothes hang tags, also known as clothes hang tags, are stamps specially printed on simple paper materials such as ivory, coucher, etc. Clothes hang tags are used to provide diverse information such as brand names, logos. brand, product name, size, avatar, logo, phone number…

Clothes hang tags are usually designed in basic shapes such as standard tags, round tags, stick tags, rectangular tags. With clothing brands, besides creating, building and developing their own style on clothing designs, but also on indispensable product labels that accompany clothes.

Notes when printing clothing labels

In order to have a beautiful garment label template, with sharp printing quality, customers should note the following issues:

  1. Label shape: The most common labels are rectangles, squares, if business units want more unique labels, they can use other unique shapes.
  2. Label color: The color of the label should use the color of the brand logo, the main colors suitable for the target customers.
  3. Size of clothing tag: Size varies depending on the needs of each fashion shop. Clothing tags should not be too small or too big, but need to be balanced with the product to ensure aesthetics.
  4. It is recommended to use paper printed labels, popular cotton printed labels.
  5. The font for the clothing tag should be moderate, easy to read and remember, should choose simple fonts, avoid fussy and annoying distractions.

Where should clothing labels be printed?

It can be seen that clothing labels are an indispensable component on every garment, whether it is a popular or high-class product. According to statistics, the annual consumption of clothes in our country is among the top in the world. Therefore, the demand for printing clothing labels is also very large. Along with that, businesses that print clothing labels are also born more and more, but choosing a quality, reputable and cheap clothing label printing factory is not easy. You don’t need to search anymore, let hadupack serve you.


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