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Labels for Shampoo, Shower Gel – Stickers for bottles of Shampoo, Shower Gel

Hadupack’s shampoo and shower gel labels are made from durable materials that can be touched and squeezed many times and still look their best, without peeling, wrinkling or losing their shape.

Professionally printed shampoo and shower gel labels not only enhance the appeal of your products, but also convey important information to consumers. Hadupack has developed many types of labels to meet this need. Includes high-quality ultra-transparent, transparent, bright white, pearl, translucent, bright silver, hologram materials. Make sure that the Shampoo and Shower Gel Label is “beautiful appearance, delicate texture, durable and reliable”. Let your product look different from the competition.

Premium label materials give the product a luxurious look and feel

Hadupack’s printing service offers a variety of high-quality materials, and many decorative and finishing styles such as glossy or matte, emulsion printing, etc. These techniques not only enhance the aesthetics of product packaging. but also give your shampoo and body wash bottles a luxurious and professional look that consumers will appreciate.

Product details are clear and full of information

Effective labels are not only visually appealing, but also convey essential information about the product. Our Label Printing Service ensures that your shampoo and shower gel labels are designed to clearly present key details such as product name, directions for use and ingredients. With the information on your Labels streamlined and easy to read, you can help consumers make informed choices while building trust in your brand.

Eye-catching design that reflects your brand identity

We understand the power of first impressions. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to create a logo design that is visually impressive and matches your brand identity. From vibrant colors and captivating graphics to elegant typography, we’ll make sure your shampoo and body wash bottles grab the attention of your store shelves and showcase your brand’s personality and style.

Comply with Safety Standards and Regulations

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complicated, especially when it comes to personal care products. We understand the importance of complying with and staying up to date with industry safety regulations and standards. We’ll make sure your shampoo and body wash labels meet all required requirements, including ingredient lists, warning statements.

Flexible and customizable solution

Hadupack offers flexible and customizable cosmetic labeling solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require labels for different bottle sizes, promotions or special editions, we have the expertise to provide the right solutions to your product launch and marketing strategy. .

Advantages of oil bottle stickers, shower gel only at Hadupack

We understand all the problems faced by shampoo and body products and our solution is perfect for them.

Perfect material, fits well to the body of the bottle, jar

The reality is that shampoo and shower gel bottles are made from many different materials, so different label materials need to be used as well. This is also the reason why the label may fall off or warp, which is because the label does not fit the bottle body, is not flexible, or does not match the structure of the bottle body.

Hadupack always helps customers choose the right materials for their actual products. Durable material that can be touched and squeezed many times and still looks its best.

  1. PE, PP plastic stamps are used for soft bottles and jars that are often squeezed, which will be more flexible after pasting
  2. BOPP material should be used for hard PET bottles, less likely to be squeezed because there is a way to get shampoo and shower gel by pressing on the faucet.
  3. For low-level chemical products, a mirror-coated stamp material should be used.

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Highly durable, water and chemical resistant

All materials used by Hadupack to manufacture shampoo and shower gel bottle labels are water resistant, resistant to contact with oils, chemicals in shampoo and shower gel without peeling, wrinkling or lose style. You can opt for a finishing treatment, like a gloss finish, to add a tough, protective layer to keep your Labels looking good.

Safe and environmentally friendly

When labeling home and personal care products, safety and protecting the environment are top priorities. We supply specialty surfacing materials and adhesives to meet relevant industry and regulatory requirements.


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