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Bopp labels – Plastic stamps meeting food safety and hygiene standards

BOPP labels are durable, cost-effective and flexible labeling materials that meet food safety and hygiene standards.

BOPP plastic stamps are the most transparent stamps, and are used as product labels on all kinds of products and daily necessities. In Label shares with you information about one of our best-selling stamps.

BOPP (Biaxally Oriented Polypropylene) Labels are also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Labels. This sounds complicated and scientific, but it’s actually quite simple. BOPP is just a thermoplastic polymer that is flattened by one of several different methods. It’s “bidirectional” which means it’s just pulled in two different directions until it’s as thin as a “film”.


Why is BOPP a great material for printing labels & labels?

Bopp is easy to print and has excellent clarity

Ideal material when you need to print transparent stamps. But the material is also opaque. So whether you want your labels to be completely transparent or in vibrant colors, we’ve got you covered.

Resistant to water, oil, acids, bases, solvents and UV

BOPP is durable and virtually indestructible, it resists oil and water like other plastic stamps, perfect for labeling products used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Thanks to its resistance to most chemicals, solvents, bleaches and disinfectants—BOPP is also suitable for drug and cosmetic labels.

Slim and flexible

Flexible and very thin, BOPP transparent labels adhere well to any surface.

BOPP stamps are the only material you need

Versatile and durable, BOPP is an excellent material for labels in the food and non-food packaging sectors. It has many advantages over other label materials, like paper and vinyl stamps. BOPP has a long shelf life, which lasts longer than other labels.

BOPP can be used on any surface of product packaging

Compare plastic stamps BOPP – VINYL – PAPER STAMP

BOPP stamps vs paper stamps

  1. Unlike paper labels, BOPP is resistant to water, oils and chemicals.
  2. Plastic is also more durable and sturdier than paper.
  3. BOPP labels resist tearing and scratches better than paper.

However, as a plastic material, BOPP will often have a shiny appearance that may not be suitable for some applications. For example, text printed on a shiny surface will be harder to read than on a rough surface. Therefore, in this case should choose translucent plastic stamps.

BOPP labels vs vinyl stamps

BOPP material is thinner than vinyl stamps in label printing applications.

Advantages of BOPP labels compared to other label materials

BOPP labels offer several advantages over other label materials, making them a popular choice in the label printing industry. Some of the advantages of BOPP labels over other label materials include:

  1. Cost-effective: BOPP labels are cost-effective compared to other premium label materials, such as polyester (PET) stamps. They offer similar features and advantages at a lower cost.
  2. Flexibility: BOPP labels are versatile and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including glass, metal, plastic, and paper. They can be applied to flat or curved surfaces and are suitable for a wide range of products, including bottles, jars, containers and boxes.

Food-safe and biodegradable BOPP labels

When it comes to the safest plastic, the top spot is PP, and then BOPP. Almost any type of food product can use the BOPP label. Coffee and tea packaging, honey jars, wine bottles and all kinds of food containers…

BOPP has many advantages: light, easy to handle, cheap to manufacture, recyclable and biodegradable. So not only does it keep food safe while protecting it from contamination, but it can also be easily recycled when no longer needed.

Hadupack’s ability to print BOPP stamps

Another significant benefit of using BOPP labels is that they allow for more options and better printability. For starters, you can set your BOPP label in a variety of styles to match your brand style, as well as to match the product itself:

  1. Translucent white BOPP is the most popular label, especially for food containers and health or beauty products.
  2. Transparent BOPP provides a “sticker-free” look. You will see the logo and necessary product information, but the rest of the stamp will blend in with the surroundings, looking like it was printed directly on the product or packaging.






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