Electrostatic Discharge Labels



Anti-Static Stamps – ESD Labels

Specialized ESD anti-static stamps to help identify and protect sensitive electronic components and devices from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge.

ESD Antistatic Stamps are specialized labels to help identify and protect sensitive electronic components and devices from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge. ESD Labels are very important because they help prevent damage to electronic components, electronic devices.

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Uses of ESD anti-static stamps

  1. Protection: Helps protect sensitive electronic components from the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge, preventing product damage.
  2. Identification: ESD labels clearly identify components and equipment that require special handling and protection against electrostatic discharge.
  3. Compliance: Using the ESD label helps companies comply with industry standards and regulations regarding the handling and protection of sensitive electronic components.
  4. Reduce costs: By preventing damage to electronic components, ESD labels can help reduce costs associated with product returns, repairs, and replacements.

Print ESD labels

Hadupack has printed esd stamps for many customers with many different needs such as:

  1. Electronic device identification: Identify and label sensitive electronic components that need to be protected from electrostatic discharge.
  2. Electronic product labels: Labels for electronic products, such as smartphones, laptops, or other consumer electronics, that contain ESD-sensitive components.
  3. Packaging Stamps: Label packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, boxes, etc., used to store and transport ESD-sensitive components or devices.
  4. Labeling in the workplace: Label the workplace to indicate areas and practice safe with ESD.

Our ability to print stamps

The esd stamp is one of the commonly used warning stamps. Hadupack Label Mold helps customers choose materials that are resistant to static electricity and are suitable for the intended application, such as:

  1. Static Dissipating Materials: These materials help to dissipate electrostatic charge, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge.
  2. Conductive Materials: These materials provide a path for static electricity to pass through, preventing the build-up of static electricity.
  3. ESD Shielding Materials: These materials create a barrier that protects sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge.
  4. The size and shape of the label is appropriate based on the space available on the component, equipment or packaging material.


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