Logo printed belt, the brand is one of the products of Hadupack’s belt line produced domestically by the most popular Vietnamese brand today with modern lines, combined with PP material, making for products with very good durability, the average life of the product is higher than other common products.

In addition, the belt products also have a certain toughness, withstand all the harshest weather so that customers can completely use the product with peace of mind.

Product information:

  • ✓Price: Contact (VAT included)
  • ✓Condition: New
  • ✓Origin: Genuine
  • ✓Brand: Hadupack
  • ✓Made in Viet Nam
  • ✓Plastic material
  • ✓Can print logo or business name


  • ✓Standard size
  • ✓Material: PET or PP strap
  • ✓Thickness: 0.6 mm
  • ✓Rope Width: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm
  • ✓Wire length: from 1,500m – 3,700m
  • ✓Standard color: Green, red, yellow, blue blue, green green, white

Note: the above parameters are standard parameters, Hadupack can customize the thickness, length… of flexible plastic straps according to customer requirements.

Outstanding advantages of Logo printed PP straps

  • ✓Is a modern designed belt product, the body of the rope is designed to be thick but still flexible enough to be able to hug the carton or the object to be protected. Along with delicate designs, highly aesthetic, diverse colors, all these elements create certainty and love for users.
  • ✓Logo printed belt has good durability, long life, good heat resistance. Completely safe for users.
  • ✓Print according to all requirements of customers with all kinds of belts

Production of belts, logo printing on belts:

With a safety-oriented process, the manufacturing process is always accurate to every detail, making the product after the factory durable throughout the process of use. Ensure technical factors so that customers can have complete peace of mind. Many of these products have been manufactured and put into use safely.

  • ✓Time to print logo or brand name is done quickly and carefully for all belt products.
  • ✓Delivery time is always fast even in bad weather, holidays, if customers need goods urgently.
  • ✓Printing belt logo is the most popular option on the market today with convenience, suitable for most packaging methods in Vietnam. Highly aesthetic, durable and especially safe for users. In addition, the printed belt is also favored by many customers.

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