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Modern Design Laminated Woven PP Bag Model, Commitment to quality

Thanks to its cheap price, convenience, and very light and durable, laminated woven PP bags are increasingly popular with consumers, widely sold in stores, supermarkets, and used as gifts…

With 5 years of experience specializing in designing and manufacturing many lines of PP woven packaging, PP woven bags, supermarket bags, BiNa Vietnam is always known by a large number of customers for its outstanding design strengths. We are committed to carefully consulting on the material, structure, design direction and price of the bag that best suits your needs.

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What is a laminated woven PP bag?

Laminated woven PP bags are bags made of woven PP fabric (PP stands for Polypropylene plastic), the surface is laminated with a layer of matte or glossy BOPP or OPP film. The BOPP film layer will be printed using 6-color gravure printing technology, then laminated onto the woven PP fabric layer. This semi-finished curtain continues to be sewn to shape into a bag and handle.

PP woven laminated bags are lightweight, durable, easy to wash, and easy to fold when on the go, increasingly becoming an essential item for consumers, especially women who often have to go to the supermarket, go to the market, or store sundries. chores when traveling. Therefore, the trend of printing PP woven bags with required sizes and designs is increasingly popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminated woven PP bags

Woven PP bags are increasingly popular over cloth bags and can replace disposable plastic bags because of many advantages:

  1. The price is very cheap compared to bags made from other materials
  2. The weight of the bag is very light
  3. Bag sizes vary, often holding many items (usually sewn to hold from 3 to 10kg to fit in hand carry)
  4. Dry and breathable, does not absorb water, easy to clean
  5. Non-toxic, odorless, not damaged by alcohol or alcohol
  6. Resistant to tearing, pulling, and impact thanks to the physical and mechanical durability of woven PP curtains
  7. Durability allows storage up to 1000 times
  8. Environmentally friendly due to easy reuse
  9. Compared to fabric bags, OPP lamination bags allow for diverse designs, sharp, vivid, and durable gravure printing.
  10. It is the best means of brand promotion at an affordable price.

In addition to the above advantages, laminated PP woven bags also have certain limitations but they are not significant. Like many other materials such as fabric and plastic bags, PP woven bags are flammable, so you should avoid storing or storing products near fire.

Thanks to these advantages, PP woven bags are increasingly used, not only in developed countries that favor reusable products, but are also popular in supermarkets and retail stores in cities. city and even countryside.

Not only do supermarkets and retail systems prefer printing PP woven bags for sale, but the trend of printing bags as gifts is very popular in domestic and foreign businesses. With continuous daily use, PP woven bags not only contain but also help businesses convey their images and messages to consumers.

Among hundreds of printing facilities for PP woven packaging and woven PP bags, only reputable PP bag printing addresses with rich experience in producing bags for supermarkets and large businesses can commit to modern designs. Modern, trendy, high quality and especially good price.

BiNa Vietnam – specializes in designing and printing PP woven bags for supermarkets and businesses

Businesses, supermarkets, and retailers often carefully consider the capacity, reputation, and experience of companies producing PP woven lamination bags before long-term cooperation. With 5 years of experience, we are proud to be among the top pioneering businesses in the PP textile industry, and are always known for our outstanding design capabilities.

BiNa Vietnam’s creative design team always updates new, modern design trends and advises on exclusive and impressive designs. Not only does it have design options for supermarket bags and retail bags, BiNa Vietnam Packaging can help businesses leave their brand mark on PP woven bags. We will give specific advice on design options and bag sizes suitable for the purpose: storing goods, storing customer gifts, gift bags for customers…

In particular, in cases where customers need to save maximum print cylinders, only using 2-3 printing cylinders corresponding to 2-3 colors, we still have many modern and outstanding design options.

We are proud to be trusted by supermarkets, businesses, retail systems such as Coupang, QS, Emart, Coopmart… to order PP woven bags thanks to:

Experienced design team

Layout design, images, and colors are the most important factors, often the first things supermarkets, retailers, and businesses pay attention to when ordering bags because impressive visual communication will attract customers. perceive and remember brand messages quickly.

BiNa Vietnam is proud to have an experienced design team, constantly pioneering in modern lamination woven PP bag design trends on the market and understanding the aesthetic tastes of users. BiNa Vietnam’s designers always work meticulously with customers to come up with designs that match consumer trends as well as brand identity.

Gravure printing technology is sharp and vivid

A bag printed with eye-catching colors, focused layout, and modern style always attracts customers. Gravure printing technology can print up to 6 colors on coated BOPP film grafted onto PP woven bags, helping the bags have realistic, sharp, and durable images.

High quality ink

Printing ink is the most important element of a printing product, the quality of the ink will determine the quality of the printed product. The higher the quality of the printing ink, the higher the quality of the printed products, the sharper and clearer the details will be, and the more vivid the colors of the printed details will be.

Various sizes

BiNa Việt Nam accepts custom orders for bags according to the size requested by customers. Normally, the popular sizes often chosen by customers are width – height – hips 30x40x15, 30x35x15 or 42x18x38 (unit of measurement cm). These sizes are suitable for holding a lot of furniture but are not too big for the user.

In addition, some customers want to order laminated woven PP bags with a total width and side of up to 60cm to hold more items.

BiNa Việt Nam – trusted address of 350 businesses

We are proud to lead outstanding design trends in the PP woven bag and PP woven packaging industry with many exclusive designs and designs. Light Packaging is committed to superior quality products, modern design and always meeting schedule.

Many large customers have trusted our line of PP woven bags:


Coming to us, you can completely rest assured because the prices are the most competitive in the market. We have a professional production process, import large quantities of raw materials and highly skilled workers to optimize production costs.

  • Professional production process: BiNa Vietnam constantly improves the quality of packaging and bags through investing in modern machinery systems including high-speed spinning machines, 6-shuttle weaving machines, and 6-color gravure printing machines. 

To ensure anti-tear requirements, the mechanical and horizontal tensile force index of BiNa Vietnam PP woven blinds reaches 75-80 Kg/f/cm (compared to models circulating on the market reaching 60-65 Kg/cm). f/cm).

Control of ink durability: All PP woven bag products are tested for ink adhesion to ensure the ink does not peel off, printing quality is sharp and color durable.

Control of printed film surface tension: We check the surface tension of 100% of BOPP and OPP film batches printed on PP woven bags according to TCVN 11060:2015 standard: printed film surface tension >= 38 dyn/cm2.

  • Impressive, attractive design: Design is the unique highlight of the bag. We always update modern and creative design trends, meet all the most stringent requirements and perform well in promoting the brand for businesses.
  • Good price: Light Packaging imports large quantities of high quality virgin PP plastic beads from Arabia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Thanks to that, Light Packaging confidently brings good products with the most competitive prices on the market.
  • Fast delivery: Fast delivery schedule, ensuring the supply of packaging and bags in large quantities with orders of 10,000 bags or more.
  • Zero risk for customers: With the philosophy of putting customer interests first, and confidence in our production capacity, we are committed to taking all risks on our side and providing customers with safety. absolute mind.

In addition to providing PP woven bags, BiNa Packaging Vietnam also supplies PP woven bags (BOPP gravure printing, Offset printing, Flexo printing) to 350 multi-sector customers at home and abroad, including many leading enterprises. industries such as:

  • Service industry: Large supermarket chains such as Coopmart, Emart, QS, Coupang…
  • Construction industry: Saint Gobain Group (parent company of Weber, DURAflex, Gyproc and Vinh Tuong), Sika Vietnam, Bestmix Company, Kova Company, GPS Vietnam Company…
  • Rice and fertilizer industry: Que Lam Group, Thien Phu Dien Fertilizer Company, Nong Duoc Hai, Hop Luc International, Dien Trang, Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company, Hoa Nong Alpha, Loc Troi, Kimphi AsiaFood…
  • Animal and aquaculture feed industry: Anova Pharma Company, GHW VN Company, APA Company, Tongwei…
  • Chemical and additive packaging: Sambu Fine, Yu sung Atech, Sung Shin, Kim Fa…
  • Plastic resin industry: Chemtech Company, Sunshing SSAII Company, Dadu Vietnam Company, European Vina Company…

The price of PP woven bags depends on the bag size and printing quantity, so please contact us via hotline +84 976 888 111 for specific advice and quotes!


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