Vacuum packaging



Vacuum packaging

Vacuum, heat-resistant food packaging – New trend for food packaging

Produced with special films. Vacuum and sterilized food packaging is heat resistant up to 121ºC for 25 minutes.

Heat-resistant vacuum packaging paves the way for one of the most convenient ways to prepare food today, as it can be used to reheat food in the microwave and in the oven.

Advantages of Vacuum Food Packaging:

Sterilization, food safety and hygiene

  1. Prevent bacterial growth, kill bacteria, prevent bacteria from entering. Ensures a high level of hygiene, Extends shelf life
  2. Removes oxygen released by the product to extend shelf life.
  3. May assist with portion control

Product marketing support:

Packaging may be the first “information” consumers have about your product. Therefore, its appearance must be enhanced:

  1. Packaging is not only a garment to introduce products to the public, but also the most powerful advertising and marketing lever that determines customer choice.
  2. Vacuum food packaging offers endless design possibilities. It can be built into any shape or size, and can be made to stand upright or lie flat.

Convenience for consumers:

One of the other endearing aspects of food packaging is how handy it is for the consumer. Because it is easy to open, close, process and control the diet

Environmental friendliness:

You may be surprised to learn that today’s packaging is also eco-friendly. Packaging uses less resources to produce. Many of the materials used can even be recycled or reused. The lightweight and compact nature of flexible packages makes transporting them easier, using less fuel.

Cost savings for businesses:

The eco-friendly attributes of the packaging are the reasons that make these products cost effective. Since less materials are required to manufacture, they are less expensive than plastic containers or glass jars. Cost less for shipping.

Application of Vacuum Food Packaging:

  1. Lighter and easier to open, suitable for most food products.
  2. Can be used ideally for greasy products.
  3. Vacuum, heat-resistant packaging can be flexible in terms of product shape and size.
  4. Light weight, packing more products than materials such as glass, paper box…
  5. Producing plastic packaging uses less fuel, lower emissions than paper or glass.

Production of vacuum food packaging:

Having partnered and produced millions of packages for many major brands, Hadupack knows all that customers need. Our packaging and packaging products are all manufactured to the highest standards and quality qualified for export to Japan and Europe.

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