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Polyester Stamps – Polyester Labels for Durable Applications

Polyester stamps are so durable that they won’t tear, peel or smudge because they’re incredibly durable, and can withstand any harsh conditions.

As a high-tech label factory, polyester labels are one of the most commonly used materials at Hadupack. We will share with you all the advantages so you know why it is so popular.


Polyester Stamps – Great label material for all harsh conditions

In fact, they’re so durable that they won’t tear, peel or smudge as they’re designed for extreme long-term durability and withstand even the harshest conditions.

  1. Water-resistant, weather-resistant polyester stamp
  2. High tensile and tear strength
  3. Dimensional stability
  4. Resistance to chemicals, grease, solvents…
  5. UV resistant
  6. The temperature range for application is very wide: from 4.44°C to 148.89°C

In which cases do you use polyester labels?

Polyester stamps are ideal materials for many special situations, including:

  1. Harsh environments including high exposure to moisture or liquids
  2. Areas that are prone to physical effects such as scratches and vibrations because they are resistant to scratches and difficult to tear
  3. Great for industrial, agricultural, chemical drums, industrial…
  4. Great for products used in wet conditions such as sanitary ware, bathroom equipment, diving equipment, etc.
  5. Great for bottled drinks
  6. Machine and engine labels

Applications that should not use Polyester stamps

  1. Because they are quite stiff, the Polyesters label is not very suitable for uneven surfaces, or surfaces that are too curved – i.e. small circumference circles like test tubes or syringes.
  2. It is not good to make product labels packaged in squeezable packaging, as it tends to wrinkle at the edges.

Popular polyester stamps

  1. Transparent polyester
  2. Glossy white polyester
  3. Matte white polyester
  4. Silver Polyester

Polyester stamps are suitable for all types of applications. Because of the high cost, in normal use cases, we always advise customers to use other types of plastic labels. For products that often operate in harsh environments such as industry, mechanics, machinery, etc., choose polyester stamps.



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