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Decal plastic material is often used to print plastic decal stamps. Its use is similar to those of paper labels. They are all used for printing. But in terms of properties, plastic decals have high adhesion, toughness and long-term durability. So, you just need to choose a reputable printing unit to have the best quality products. In this article, we will learn about this type of label.


In which fields are plastic decals used?

On packaging brands, plastic decals are a very important part of any product. This is an effective marketing tool, to enhance the value of the products and make a good impression on the buyers. Therefore, this type of stamp is applied in a wide range of fields. Such as:

  1. Stick on electronic devices and vehicles.
  2. Used to paste on foods.
  3. Labels on bottled or packaged beverages.
  4. Application on products and consumer goods.
  5. Stamps on chemical containers and bottles.
  6. In the pharmaceutical industry, a decal is also required.
  7. Sealing packages and utensils need labels.

Texture of plastic labels:

In the structure of plastic labels and epoxy resin stamps, manufacturers usually make 4 layers as follows:

  1. The first layer: called the printing layer, also known as the face layer. This is a detail containing all the necessary information about the product.
  2. Second layer: thin nylon. They are glued on the surface of the printed layer to protect the printed details on the product, to avoid external influences.
  3. Third layer: glue layer. Printers will use specialized glue to attach the layers together, helping the decal to adhere to the surface of the product.
  4. Last layer: the stamp base layer is used to protect the adhesive layer before the plastic label is not used.

Classification of plastic labels:

Based on the characteristics and properties of each material used to print plastic stamps, people will divide printing patterns with different types, usually including the following basic types:

Clear plastic decal:

This is a PVC decal with the characteristics of using a transparent plastic material, which is able to withstand good temperatures and is often pasted on products in the field of cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical production.

Opaque decal:

This type of opaque plastic label is composed of one layer of white color and one side of glue. They allow light to pass through the decl to the product case. Because this material is white, it gives the decals a striking, clear and attractive appearance. At the same time, the glue layer adheres firmly, ensuring high adhesion and keeping the color durable.

Plastic Decal:

This type of plastic decal printing pattern is made of durable plastic materials. They are often used to print on goods. Due to the advantages of the product is diverse in color, size, design and design.

Therefore, with the strength of the variety of materials used, designs and colors of decals, plastic labels are often used to produce stamps. In some fields such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, electronic components or some other products. Since then, many samples of plastic decal printing have reached high quality, with optimal sharpness and the logo and image of the product are not broken. Users can easily identify the products and tools they are looking for.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages when printing plastic decal:

Currently, most products circulating on the market use plastic decal stamps. Because they bring many different advantages and disadvantages.

Read more about decal printing in, to get more knowledge about choosing the right product.

About advantages:

  1. Plastic decal printing service is very suitable for all kinds of products, utensils, equipment and environmental conditions. Labels can create a protective film outside, to prevent ultraviolet rays from the sun. Because they are manufactured from plastic materials with very good durability and heat resistance.
  2. This type of stamp offers good printing ability. Especially for long term use.
  3. Plastic materials are often very convenient in the shaping process, suitable for pasting on many different surfaces, including corners or roughness.
  4. Plastic often has transparent properties, so it is easy to show images, information and colors on the surface. It is a marketing weapon that brings a lot of effectiveness to businesses.
  5. Plastic decal stamps also have many materials for users to choose from in printing.
  6. The opaque or clear plastic stamps and the printing of epoxy resin decals will bring an extremely polite and elegant appearance to the items and products.
  7. With opaque or clear plastic stamps, you can comfortably use them in any position you like. They will give a more lively and versatile look to your items. In addition, the plastic decals also perform very well against water, especially on large surfaces.
  8. Stores and brands can reuse products, this helps users save quite a bit of budget for printing labels or advertising…

About the cons:

Besides the above advantages, plastic decal printing also has some disadvantages as follows:

  1. Printing plastic stamps is often required to be printed by specialized machines. The prepress technique must be accurate to every detail, so as not to distort the original design.
  2. The cost of this type of plastic stamp is also somewhat higher than that of ordinary paper decal stamps. However, we cannot deny the quality it brings.

From the above advantages and disadvantages, you must have understood the reason why this type of decal is more and more popular in the market. From there, you can use decals in accordance with the needs of each product.

Instructions on how to design and print plastic decals simple and outstanding information:

Printing plastic decals is mainly for the purposes of increasing brand recognition and creating a prominent impression, so that customers remember the products of the business. Therefore, print design plays a very important role. Because the area of ​​the label is not too large, it is very important to be careful in each design. To create a beautiful label design, you need to ensure the following factors:

  1. Brand names and logos attract attention and are easy to read: These are details that customers need to remember, so they need to be clearly designed, easy to remember, and easy to read.
  2. The color of the stamp is in harmony, suitable for the business field: The color of the label determines a lot to the emotions of the customer when receiving the product.
  3. Information printed on the publication is really useful: Some necessary information when printing decal hcm such as production date, expiry date, ingredients, ingredients, item name … are things that customers are interested in. The decal itself is a tool that easily sends these elements to customers.

Plastic stamp printing method:

Today, there are many methods of printing decals, but the most popular is the following:

  1. Inkjet or digital printing method: used to print in small quantities, with many colors and with a slightly higher cost than other methods.
  2. Mesh printing method: often used to print plastic decals in small quantities, only printing about 1 to 2 colors, the same text or image on the decal must not be too small.
  3. Offset printing method: this is the most modern and optimal printing method today. The colors of stamps are diverse; Sharp text and images to create attractive, impressive products and print that can be dark at any size. When applying this method, it is very suitable for large print volumes because one print can produce up to thousands of copies. However, it takes 3-4 days to print.

Processing stage after decal printing:

The post-print processing will affect the quality of the product, making the labels more impressive, eye-catching, and not blurred compared to mass-printed publications on the market. Usually applied:

  1. Lamination includes lamination on several sides, matt lamination or glossy lamination
  2. Holding or cutting including cutting or cutting
  3. Injection needle
  4. UV fixation

How to print professional plastic decal stamps:

To be able to print plastic decal professionally and make a good impression on real customers is not an easy thing for each product. Because, if the factory or printing company does not have much experience in this field, it will be difficult for employees to make the right choice. This is also one of the reasons why users need to pay attention to a few points below.

Product material selection:

The selection of materials for printing plastic decals also needs to be meticulous and careful. You should choose transparent plastic, milky white plastic, 7-color plastic or outdoor plastic. You should refer to the glass decal for more product selection knowledge.

Choose the size of the stamp:

Decal size is a prerequisite for the aesthetics of printing products. If using a decal that is too big or too small, it will cause a loss of sympathy. They will not create a harmonious balance and not ensure aesthetic elements.

Determine the exact number of stamps and completion time:

Paying attention to the number of decals to be printed and the completion time are two factors that affect the price of the product. Because the larger the quantity, the lower the price will be. In addition, the required printing time needs to be completed urgently, the cost will be higher.

Reasons for customers to choose:

It can be said that Hadupack is the number 1 cheap and reputable plastic decal printing company in the nationwide market. Since our inception, we have been providing our customers with solutions for professionally designed and printed decals. The combination with modern printing technology and with the most optimal cost savings for customers.

  1. Professional, creative and experienced design department in the field of printing will support customer consultation to come up with designs and choose suitable materials for products of each business.
  2. We offer many designs with demo options, making it easy and convenient for customers to choose.
  3. The unit ensures both quality and cheapest price in the market.
  4. Decal production progress is fast, meeting the time of all urgent orders in large quantities. Thanks to the system of modern and advanced machines today.
  5. The enterprise is ready to take all responsibility and compensate for the damage to the publications when there is an error on the part of the company.
  6. The decal printing process is fast, professional, can be obtained immediately, meeting all urgent orders. This is highly appreciated and trusted by many customers.
  7. We deliver to your place and free shipping for bulk orders. Small orders are supported with a part of the shipping fee and always ensure on-time delivery of the product.

Thus, when coming to Hadupack, customers will receive the most enthusiastic advice and support. Our professional staff will introduce you to plastic decal printing service packages that are suitable for the criteria of each product and budget. Along with that is a fast, accurate ordering and payment system that doesn’t take much time for customers. At that time, you will save a lot of time, choose the best printing method and the most attractive price.


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