POF Heat Shrink Film



POF Heat Shrink Film

There are many types of shrink films on the market today with many different uses. In particular, POF Heat shrink film at Hadupack has always been the top favorite because of its high convenience and reasonable price. So what is POF shrink film? What are the uses and practical applications? Let’s find out with us now!

POF Heat Shrink Film
POF Heat Shrink Film

What is POF shrink film?

POF shrink film or POF heat shrink film has the full name of Polyolefin soft shrink film. They are made by melting Polyolefin microplastics at high temperature in an extruder.

POF shrink film always brings the best user experience. The product is thin, light, tough, odorless, non-toxic, has a high shrinkage rate, and dries easily. Therefore, it is very suitable for wrapping and preserving a variety of goods.

Although it is an imported product, the POF shrink film at Hadupack has an extremely affordable price. Moreover, you also get great discounts if you order in bulk.


Uses of imported POF shrink film

Here are the great uses that POF shrink film brings:

  • ✓Protect goods from harmful agents of the environment such as dirt, mold, bacteria invasion
  • ✓ Waterproof, waterproof and minimize moisture penetration into the goods
  • ✓ Avoid scratching the goods during transportation and relocation
    Wrapping packages of many items of the same type to apply for promotions and discounts
  • ✓Improve the value and aesthetics of goods
  • ✓Makes the arrangement of goods easier
  • ✓Anti-theft, gutted products to replace fake, fake or poor quality goods inside.

Specification of POF . heat shrinkable film

Specific information about the specifications of POF heat shrinkable film is presented in the table of contents below:

Membrane type Thickness Size Length Weight
12 mic 350mm 1667m 12,88kg
15 mic 180mm 1332m 6,62kg
15 mic 220mm 1332m 8,09kg
15 mic 240mm 1332m 8,82kg
15 mic 260mm 1332m 9,56kg
15 mic 300mm 1332m 11,03kg
15 mic 330mm 1332m 12,13kg
15 mic 350mm 1332m 12,87kg
15 mic 370mm 1332m 13,6kg
15 mic 170mm 1332m 14,71kg
15 mic 180mm 1332m 15,81kg
15 mic 200mm 1332m 16,54kg
19mic 220mm 1060m 6.3kg
19mic 240mm 1060m 6,67kg
19mic 260mm 1060m 7,41kg
19mic 280mm 1060m 8,15kg
19mic 300mm 1060m 8,89kg
19mic 320mm 1060m 9,63kg
double layer shrink film 19mic 330mm 1060m 10,38kg
19mic 280mm 1060m 11,12kg
19mic 300mm 1060m 11,86kg
19mic 320mm 1060m 12,23kg
19mic 330mm 1060m 14,82kg
19mic 400mm 1060m 15,56kg
19mic 420mm 1060m 16,68kg
19mic 450mm 1060m 17,79kg
19mic 480mm 1060m 18,53kg
19mic 500mm 1060m 19,27kg
19mic 520mm 1060m 20,38kg

Application of POF . heat shrink film

Imported POF shrink film is an advanced packaging technology that can meet all the fastidious requirements of customers in packaging and preserving products in all areas of production. As follows:

  • ✓ POF shrink film canned specialized for packaging instant products such as cup noodles, bowl noodles, pho cups, vermicelli cups…
  • ✓ POF shrink film for paper industry such as bookbinding, 4A paper rolls, industrial toilet rolls, perpetual calendars, paper cups, magazines, printing…
    Imported POF shrink film for food industry such as ice cream boxes, cake boxes, candy boxes, shrimp cakes…
  • ✓Used for chemical packaging such as mosquito spray bottles, cotton swabs, pof membranes covering water filter cores, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, etc.
  • ✓Used to pack aquatic products such as trays of shrimp, squid, fish, meat, octopus, seafood, boxes of processed products, value-added goods.
  • ✓Packing products for household plastic industry.

In addition, imported POF shrink film can also pack all cylindrical products, boxes, trays, bottles, blocks, etc.

Features of POF . shrink film

What are the detailed characteristics of imported POF shrink film? All will be presented in the table below:

Proportion 961 Kg/m3
The ability to stretch 100 – 110% of the original
Stretching force 120 – 125 N/m2
Shrinkage rate (dried at 1300C for 5 minutes 62 – 67%
Tear-resistant toughness 20 – 22 N/m2
Glue strength 40 N/m2
Light opacity (transparency) 1.3%
Non-combustible substance content 0.15%


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