PET plastic film



PET plastic film

Hadupack – The factory produces PET plastic film products in terms of design, color, as well as applicability. BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing plastic products as well as PET film. Hadupack’s factory is currently a leading manufacturer and supplier of PET film products to customers across the country.

Hadupack’s PET film factory in Vietnam with a scale of 3000 m2; modern production line system. Hadupack is committed to bringing customers products with the best quality, the most diverse colors and designs, the most competitive prices in the market.

As one of the materials with wide application – PET film is becoming more and more popular today. This is also the base material that many people look for.

What is PET film?

PET film is a type of film produced from the main raw material of PET particles, also known with other abbreviations such as PETE, PETP or PET-P. They have the full English name Polyethylene terephthalate. In fact, this is a safe, human-friendly plastic that is widely used in many industries today.

Characteristics and characteristics of PET plastic film

The PET film produced by Hadupack has the following advantages:

  • ✓Usually the color of PET film is transparent
  • ✓High electrical insulation
  • ✓Elasticity, stretchability and strong tear resistance
  • ✓High scratch resistance
  • ✓Good moisture resistance
  • ✓High hardness and ductility
  • ✓Non-toxic when used or burned, so it is friendly and safe for humans
  • ✓Waterproof to O2, and CO2 better than other plastics.

Not only the characteristics, but the above information also speaks to the outstanding advantages of PET film compared to other plastics. The characteristics and characteristics of this type of membrane help them to be widely applied in today’s life.

Practical application of PET film:

With the above characteristics, PET film is now widely applied in life, specific applications in many industries. Some typical applications of this material are:

  • ✓PET film used in the fashion industry (typically textile)
  • ✓PET film Use in the electronics industry (with electrical insulation)
  • ✓Non-stick PET film, non-stick PET base, non-stick PE base
  • ✓PET film to create medical X-ray films
  • ✓Application in the printing industry such as screen printing, offset printing, film printing or printing some types of plastic packaging, …

Using PET film is more and more popular

Why should agents choose products manufactured by Hadupack?

  1. Factory and production line system right in Vietnam
  2. Competitive price thanks to tax and shipping incentives compared to products from China
  3. Products are always produced and delivered to customers in the shortest time
  4. Not subject to large fluctuations in price as well as supply during peak season
  5. Always ready to produce orders according to the individual brand of each unit

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