Packing Bubble Wrap



Packing Bubble Wrap

Air bubble film wrap the goods

Bubble wrap, bubble wrap Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic film. A material used to protect fragile goods. Rounded air bubble particles help protect protected cargo.

Structure of steam foam

The most popular is the 2-layer air-foam, consisting of a membrane layer and a layer of air bubbles. The material formed is Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) This is the original characteristic structure of the bubble wrap film. 3-layer steam foam is less commonly used, more used as insulation.

Uses of vapor barrier film

Impact resistance: The product’s shock resistance. Anti-knock and limit the product to be scratched during product transportation

The meaning of the color of the bubble wrap

  1. The foam film can be produced in many different monochromatic colors, but there are some colors that have their own identifying characteristics, namely:
  2. Transparent foam film: Standard
  3. Pink bubble film: Anti-static
  4. Green styrofoam film: Recycled polystyrene

General characteristics of air bubble film:

  1. Transparent. Light-weight
  2. Moisture resistant, water resistant. Good insulation
  3. Surface protection against abrasion
  4. Elastic and strong
  5. Many uses. Easy to use, Easily cut to desired size with hand tools such as knives, scissors.

How to choose bubble wrap according to your packaging needs:

  1. Small size bubble wrap is often used to pack delicate items like electronics, glassware, etc.
  2. Large format foam is often used as a cushion for objects such as tables and chairs and office and family items.
  3. Anti-static foam is used to wrap electronic items such as televisions, computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. to protect items from static electricity.
  4. Airfoam envelopes are used to wrap books, documents, and even picture frames. Envelopes are lined with bubble wrap films that provide maximum protection for these items from shock and vibration, and moisture.

How to use bubble film properly

Place the bubble film so that the bubble side is in contact with the product side. This way the air bubbles will be able to do their job efficiently and protect your fragile goods during transit.

How is bubble wrap film produced?

Bubble film is made from small plastic particles with different properties. The plastic is then combined and melted to form a thin film. Next, the film is flattened to the desired thickness and passed through rollers. These rollers have small holes that draw air onto the membrane to form air bubbles. When air is blown into the film, it is passed through more rollers and sealed with another layer of film. As the second film traps the air, the bubble wrap is cut, punched and rolled into large industrial sized bubble rolls.

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Parameters, production specifications of the package air foam film

Airfoam films are produced in rolls, sheets or bags.

Parameters, production specifications of the package air foam film

Airfoam films are produced in rolls, sheets or bags.

6mm to 25mm
Bubble height Up to 4 mm
Bubble size Standard =1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, 5/16”, 1/2”
Inflatable 3/4 ”

Benefits of using bubble wrap for packaging:

1. Air bubble film for excellent shock absorption and insulation

Bubble wrap is extremely good at its main function: keeping goods safe and secure during transit. Its sealed air bubbles provide a flexible yet durable cushion that forms an amazingly strong defense against impact. When folded or tripled and combined with a sturdy carton box, it can protect goods from severe impacts.

2.Reusable packaging air bubble film

Packaging film can almost always be reused unless it is significantly damaged. As long as most of the bubbles are intact, you can use bubble wrap over and over to protect your most valuable goods in transit. This makes bubble wrap a much more eco-friendly option than some other hard-to-reuse packaging.

3. Bubble film is light in weight

Bubble film is one of the lightest gap-filling packaging materials. Its construction is mostly air, with several layers of ultra-light plastic for durability. That saves shipping costs, especially if you’re shipping in bulk.

4.The air bubble film is very versatile

Bubble wrap can insulate and protect almost any small item. It can easily be cut with scissors into almost any size shape you want. High elasticity makes it easy to wrap and effectively protects a variety of odd-shaped goods. And its applications outside of shipping are also very extensive. Some people even use it to insulate windows, pop bubbles to relax, reduce stress.

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