Black PE Stretch Film



Black PE Stretch Film – Information, characteristics and applications:

Black PE Stretch Film in rolls around the pipe, material HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE. Black PE film is used for lining, wrapping goods and rolling pallets.

Black PE film has many names such as tight film, stretch film, stretch film.

Black PE film produced by Hadupack according to the parameters

Thickness: 10-50micron and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Standard size of stretch film:

  •  ✓1m black film (one roll weighs 5 kg) about 250m long
  •  ✓Black film with a size of 1m2 (1 roll weighing from 6 kg) about 250m long
  •  ✓2m black film (one roll weighing from 9 kg) about 250m long

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Features of black PE stretch film:

  •  ✓High elasticity, close to the surface to be protected well.
  •  ✓Lightweight and very flexible, but with excellent tear and puncture resistance
  •  ✓Can be printed on stretch film to advertise brand
  •  ✓Waterproof, Prevent damage caused by rain, dew and dust.
  •  ✓Environmental friendliness

Feature of black PE stretch film:

  •  ✓Black PE stretch film is an environmentally friendly material, which can be recycled and reused, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic.
  •  ✓Anti-UV, anti-static, dirt and steam.

Application of Black Film Sealing Film:

Black film is used for outer or inner packaging of products, or palletizing for containers, chemicals, ceramics, glass, machinery and hardware equipment, stainless steel sheets, products paper production, textiles, furniture, food and beverage, building materials, light industrial products, electronic products, agriculture … Has the role of preventing dust, moisture and anti-theft when closed package, and can avoid the damage to the goods due to packing.



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