What is HIPS plastic pellets? Characteristics of HIPS plastic in production and life?

HIPS plastic resins today have gradually become popular and widely used in many industries; from industry to human life. So what makes this plastic bead stand out?



I. What is HIPS plastic pellets?

HIPS plastic pellets are one of the plastic pellets in the PS thermoplastic resin group. This primary plastic particle is formed from a polymerization reaction. HIPS plastic is normally transparent and easy to shape. Using simple processing methods, people can easily make finished products from HIPS plastic.

Today HIPS virgin plastic beads are popular because of their advantages and practical applications in production and life. For example: car tires, TV covers, boxes, food trays, jars, cups, disposable plates…

Hips resin
Hips resin

II. Outstanding characteristics of HIPS plastic in production and life?

Each virgin plastic particle has unique characteristics. HIPS virgin plastic beads, too, also possess their own outstanding properties. Therefore, the application of HIPS plastic in production and life is widespread. Below are some characteristics of this plastic pellet:

HIPS plastic is tasteless, non-toxic under normal conditions, the plastic granules have a beautiful surface and are easy to process. However, the finished product easily carries static electricity on the surface and is easy to vacuum.

Plastic granules are hard and brittle, so care must be taken during the construction of the finished product. This plastic resin has low adhesion and is resistant to chemical corrosion. Therefore, it is used to produce many household appliances.

Besides, HIPS plastic belongs to the thermoplastic group, so the beads are waterproof. Therefore, during the production process, the finished product does not need to go through the drying step. However, depending on the product being manufactured, you can dry it to achieve the best quality.

Hips 475 plastic granules
Hips 475 plastic granules

III. Are HIPS virgin plastic beads safe? What is the symbol for plastic beads?

Under normal conditions, HIPS plastic beads are safe and non-toxic. However, when affected by temperature and other conditions, HIPS plastic releases harmful substances.

HIPS is one of the representatives of the PS group of thermoplastics. Beads have the number 6 on plastic products, located in the middle of a triangle with arrows. Unlike other plastic beads, group 6 plastic is not allowed to be used for long-term food storage. The reason is because it can produce toxic substances that are not good for health.

There are some studies on food containers made from these plastic beads. When containing hot food, the box produces toxins. These toxins are absorbed into the human body, leading to some respiratory diseases…

The price of these plastic beads is also quite cheap, so they are often used in single-use products. Therefore, you need to apply HIPS virgin plastic beads well to make suitable and safe plastic products.

IV. Advantages and disadvantages of HIPS virgin plastic beads?

If you are a manufacturer looking to learn about HIPS virgin plastic beads. Don’t ignore the advantages and disadvantages of the seed to make appropriate choices and decisions. Below is some information for your reference:

1. Advantages

Plastic pellets have extremely good electrical insulating properties, support good high-frequency insulation, and effectively resist arcs. At the same time, HIPS possesses low energy, is resistant to many chemicals and dissolves well in fragrances.

HIPS plastic beads have high transparency and smooth surface. Seeds have the ability to self-color and have high aesthetics, so they help a lot in the printing process.

Primary HIPS plastic is colorless, odorless, and is friendly to the environment and humans. Not only that, the price of these plastic beads is much cheaper than other virgin plastic beads.

2. Disadvantages

Possessing many outstanding features, however, HIPS still has certain limitations. Customers who want to buy these plastic beads also need to pay attention to these points.

HIPS plastic pellets are very flammable and have a golden yellow color when burned. Products made from HIPS virgin plastic beads are easily deformed when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to consider applying this plastic resin to appropriate industries.

Possessing hard and brittle properties depending on the styrene polymerization process, HIPS plastic products are easily broken and cracked during use. In addition, the product is also susceptible to scratches due to environmental impacts.

V. Where to buy reputable, high quality plastic beads?

Because the price of HIPS plastic beads is cheaper than many other plastic beads, there are many places that supply this type of plastic. Hadupack would like to share 3 ways to help customers choose a place to buy cheap and reputable HIPS virgin plastic beads.

1. About the supplier

First, choose a long-standing, reputable supplier. A long-standing supplier will have a certain position and reputation in the market.

2. About customer service

Second, please consult customer service. For reputable suppliers, the purchase care service will be much better when customers buy HIPS virgin plastic resins at small retail establishments. At the same time, the price is also much cheaper and more affordable.

3. About product quality

Third, if you buy in bulk, choose a unit that can provide samples. Make sure the product you buy is a quality product. Avoid affecting costs and business image.

Hadupack, with many years of experience in the field of providing HIPS plastic pellets, is committed to providing high quality virgin and recycled plastic pellets. Customers are fully supported and consulted before, during and after purchase.

For first-time buyers, we are always ready to help send product samples to your door, helping customers feel secure about the quality. Depending on the plastic resin code and quantity purchased, there will be a corresponding quote. Please contact hotline +84 976 888 111 immediately to receive the latest quote in 2021.

Hopefully through our article, you have some understanding about HIPS plastic pellets. At the same time, you can also learn more about the great features and advantages and disadvantages of this product.

If you are interested in purchasing the product, please leave your information so that the Hadupack consulting team can quote you a preferential price. Hope you buy a satisfactory product!

Customer service is always attentive and attentive

Through customer service, you can also know whether the supplier is reputable or not. A plastic resin supply company whose customer care service is always highly appreciated. At Hadupack, the customer care team has high professional qualifications and many years of experience in the plastic pellets market. In particular, dedicated and thoughtful, ready to support and advise customers to choose the right plastic products for their needs.

Committed to providing high quality products with the best prices on the market

Most of the products provided by Ianfa are imported directly from the manufacturer, without going through any intermediaries. Therefore, not only is the product diverse, but the quality is always guaranteed. The price is also cheaper than the average price.

Especially for first-time customers, Hadupack is always ready to support and send product test samples to your door. From there, helping customers feel more secure about quality. Depending on each plastic bead code and quantity purchased, a corresponding quote will be provided.

Above is the latest updated information about Hips plastic. Hopefully through the article you can better understand the production process, characteristics and current prices of HIPS plastic resins.

If you are in need of buying pc plastic granules, GPPS plastic granules, san plastic granules, PLA plastic granules and Hips plastic beads in particular. Then you can contact hotline +84 976 888 111 or leave information below the article so that the Hadupack consulting team will quote accurately and receive the most attractive incentives. Sincerely thank you!


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