What is PMMA resin?

PMMA plastic beads English name is Poly Methyl Methacrylate. It is known as a common transparent thermoplastic. It can be an extremely effective substitute for glass. In addition, this thermoplastic can soften into a liquid when exposed to high temperatures. At the same time, it also quickly returns to a solid state when cooled.

PMMA plastic beads are also known as Acrylic resin, organic glass or Acrylic glass. Although not glass, this material line has technical characteristics, quite similar to glass. Usually this thermoplastic is used in the form of sheets, or pieces. With extremely good impact resistance.

At the same time, extremely high scratch resistance, difficult to break. In particular, it has the ability to capture light extremely effectively. So it will be an excellent and extremely economical choice to replace glass, glass… Due to its low cost, it is suitable for projects that need good bearing capacity, difficult to break without high hardness.

It is not natural that PMMA resins are so widely used. Like other materials, this thermoplastic resin possesses many outstanding advantages. Typically, 8 out of thousands of preeminent advantages below.

  1. Although, Acrylic resin beads are much lighter in weight than glass. But the durability it brings is 10 times higher than that of ordinary tempered glass.
  2. Besides, Acrylic glass is wear resistant. As well as good resistance to the harshest weather conditions. In particular, it can also resist dilute acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, etc.
  3. In addition, this line of plastic materials also has extremely high light transmittance, up to 92%. Because PMMA resin is a transparent polymer with extremely good light transmission. You may think this light level is too high, but after impact adjust. As well as through the manufacturing process this light transmittance will be reduced somewhat.
  4. At the same time, this thermoplastic resin can also withstand low temperatures, good resistance at temperatures from 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. This is also a common feature of most plastics and. PMMA is also one of the types of plastic beads that possess this feature.
    In particular, this plastic material also possesses anti-ultraviolet properties, extremely low infrared transmission. And the material flow is not adversely affected by salt water or alkaline chemicals…


  1. More colors to choose from. So it can meet most aesthetic needs. Serving extremely effectively for the modern advertising and interior decoration industry.
  2. However, this material line is very easy to be damaged or inflated when in direct contact with detergents. Like H2O2, Aceeton, Alcohol…

Outstanding applications of PMMA resins:

  1. As mentioned above, PMMA plastic beads are widely applied in many areas of life. Even in large industry, PMMA is extremely well served. Some typical applications are below.
  2. Construction and interior decoration: In this field, it is often used as display booths, wall cladding, roofing, decorative items…
  3. Bathroom equipment: As a surface for sinks, hot tubs, one-piece bathtubs and some other products…
  4. Advertising industry: This acrylic resin is the best choice for signboards, company logo backdrops, company nameplates, signage or title plates..
  5. Lighting industry: Thanks to its extremely good light absorption ability. So it is used as commercial lighting, chandeliers, street lights, or fluorescent lamps.
  6. In the health industry: The ingredients do not contain harmful substances. So it is also used as surgical medical instruments, medical equipment …
  7. Some other fields: For example, optical communication equipment, automotive equipment, car glass, car headlights, laboratory instruments, sterile rooms, swimming pools, art decoration…


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