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The most detailed information about PC Plastic Granules

PC plastic resin is a type of engineering plastic with a transparent and flexible appearance. With many outstanding advantages, PC plastic is increasingly being applied in all areas of life. Let’s find out the most detailed information about PC plastic through the article below.

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What is PC plastic pellets?

PC plastic granules (Polycarbonate) are a granular technical plastic with the chemical formula (Na2(OC6H4)CMe2). PC plastic beads are made by linking polymer units by carbonate groups.

PC plastic was discovered in 1953 by German doctor Hermann Schnell. By 1958, this product officially appeared on the market and was applied in many different fields.

Is PC plastic toxic? How to use PC plastic products properly

Used in the field of plastic cup production, the question is, is PC plastic toxic? How to properly use products made from PC plastic is a question that makes many people wonder. Let’s find out right here:

Is PC plastic toxic?

PC material contains Bisphenol A- a toxic substance. In theory, Bisphenol A is converted into a flexible structure during the production of PC plastic. That means products made from PC plastic are not toxic.

However, it is possible during the manufacturing process that Bisphenol A is not converted or is incompletely converted into the PC resin structure. Small amounts of that toxic substance can cause cancer.

How to use PC plastic products properly

  1. In the production and consumption of products from PC plastic, harmful substances, if present, will not be released in the short term. For example, instant mineral water bottles or single-use plastic items.
  2. Do not use PC plastic cups to store hot water, only warm or cold water. Because when exposed to hot water, harmful substances will be released, causing harm to humans.
  3. When using PC plastic boxes to store food, it is necessary to preserve and store it strictly and sterilize it properly. That avoids using PC products repeatedly which causes aging and damage.
Black PC plastic
Black PC plastic

Advantages and disadvantages of PC plastic beads

With its own characteristics, PC plastic beads have advantages and disadvantages as presented below:


  1. Good impact resistance: Thanks to its hardness and flexibility, PC plastic has good impact resistance. About 200 times better than regular glass. In industry, people combine PC plastic with ABS granules  to produce high-end suitcases that are sturdy, strong and durable over time.
  2. High hardness and stable dimensions: The PC plastic production process goes through a rigorous drying process. That’s why products made from PC plastic have hardness and dimensional stability. This hardness is rated 250 times higher than glass and 4 times higher than Arcyl. In addition to dimensional stability thanks to the strict drying process, PC plastic is also stable in color.
  3. Poor compatibility with other plastics: PC is a toxic plastic, so when combined with other plastics, it is difficult to be compatible. Therefore, the material diversity is not high. During the production process, it is difficult to mix other impurities together.
  4. Anti-corrosion and anti-wear: Therefore, these products are not affected by food ingredients or chemical environments. Thanks to this advantage, PC plastic products have a long lifespan over time.
  5. Good thermal stability: PC material is an amorphous material but has good thermal stability. Therefore, during the production process, PC plastic is easy to shape and mold as desired. With this advantage, products made from PC plastic will bring positive benefits in daily use.
  6. Eye-catching appearance: Thanks to its transparent design, the aesthetics of PC plastic is high. Using products from PC materials for decoration is chosen by many people.


  1. Easily scratched: The advantage of its eye-catching appearance due to its transparent and colorless texture is also the disadvantage of PC plastic because scratches are easily seen. Scratches from the inside are very difficult to fix, especially with PC plastic products that have been used for a while.
  2. Fragile in high pressure environments: A type of plastic with high impact resistance. However, the pressure resistance is poor so it easily breaks when exposed to high pressure. In addition, the product is susceptible to melting and hydrolysis.
  3. Easily produces toxic substances: During the production process, PC materials easily produce the toxic substance Bisphenol A. If the toxic substance is not completely transformed, it can be dangerous for the user. And so, PC only has limited applications in food-related industry.
PC Plastic resin
PC Plastic resin

Application of PC plastic beads

  1. Application in engineering: In the engineering field, PC plastic is used in the production of control panels, bulletproof glass, spare parts for slide projection equipment, etc. However, PC material is only suitable as travel accessories. included because the hardness is not very high. In addition, PC plastic beads are also used to make CDs, fiber optic cables, etc.
  2. Application in construction: Thanks to the advantages of good strength, good impact resistance and eye-catching appearance due to transparency. PC plastic pellets are used in the production of noise-proof glass, agricultural greenhouse doors, etc.
  3. Application in the production of utensils, household appliances, and kitchenware: High-end travel suitcases are an effective and effective combination of PC and ABS plastic. This combination produces a product line of high quality, good strength and durability over time. Some plastic kitchen utensils, water cups, food storage boxes, etc. are made from PC plastic. When using, please pay attention to the usage instructions we mentioned above to ensure health safety.

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PC resin molecular formula is (-C12H8O4-) n. It is an engineering plastic in crystalline form. PC plastic is almost 90% transparent. The melting point of PC plastic is about 225 degrees Celsius, which is relatively high. Thanks to its high transparency, PC plastic is applied in many fields that require aesthetic factors. PC plastic products have beautiful opacity and transparency. It is not only applied in production and life but also in the field of construction, production of household appliances, food containers… Although PC plastic contains elements that are dangerous to human health. Although their content is very small, if prepared properly, it is completely safe. Because of health concerns, most PC plastic products are usually disposable products. For example, bottled water.

We have detailed detailed information about PC plastic beads above. Understanding this plastic product will help you make the right choice. If you want to be provided with complete information, please contact us at Hadupack. Our consulting staff will advise you in the most professional and enthusiastic way.



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