SAN resin is a widely used optical resin because of its hardness, clarity, excellent gloss, heat resistance, good processability, load-bearing capacity and good chemical resistance.

SAN plastic pellets are applied in many different uses including household appliances and various mixed products. But perhaps the most common applications of SAN plastic pellets are probably stationery equipment, medical instruments, and household appliances.

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What is special about SAN plastic pellets?

SAN resin is a copolymer resin composed of styrene and acrylonitrile. It is widely used in place of polystyrene due to its greater heat resistance. It is a particularly hard and chemically resistant copolymer resin.


  1. SAN plastic beads have transparency, high toughness and hardness
  2. Very resistant to cracking and stress.
  3. Good dimensional stability and high heat resistance.
  4. Resistant to chemicals such as dilute acids, alkalis, oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohol…
  5. Easy handling


  1. Water absorption is higher than polystyrene
  2. Low durability makes plastic beads brittle and easy to break.
San resin
San resin


  1. SAN resins are optical resins used in a variety of uses including household appliances, various composite products, packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, medical applications to name a few. car application. SAN granules are used for their hardness, clarity, excellent gloss, heat resistance, good processability, load-carrying capacity and good chemical resistance. But perhaps the most common applications of SAN plastic pellets are probably stationery equipment, medical instruments, and household appliances.
  2. SAN plastic pellets are used in offices and industry for diverse products, all types of outer shells. Examples include printers, computers, tools and lights. There are also scales, battery cases, coil cores, writing devices.
  3. SAN plastic is used to produce parts that require good optical clarity, such as fan blades or blenders. In particular, plastic beads are also resistant to fats, oils and detergents. In addition, plastic pellets are also used to produce containers, mixing bowls, sinks, and accessories for refrigerators. Or insulated carafe outer shells, for tableware, cutlery, coffee filters, pots and cups as well as containers for all types of food.
  4. For an industry with high requirements like healthcare, equipment will need to meet certain standards. Thanks to the ability to stabilize size in any environment and good chemical resistance of plastic beads. Plastic beads are widely used in medical instruments. In addition to the above properties, plastic beads also have very high transparency, toughness and durability.
SAN plastic resin
SAN plastic resin

Supplier of BiNa plastic resins in Vietnam

Today, plastic pellets are widely used in industrial and manufacturing fields: packaging, household appliances, food containers, advertising films, supermarket bags, cold towels, water bottles, helmets. , electronic components, water pipes…

Plastic pellets are unused products obtained from the petroleum exploitation process. Primary plastic beads are synthesized from 2 or more basic molecules to create many types of plastic with different names and properties.

Starting business from the first days of operation, up to now, BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd. is proud to be one of the largest trading and distribution companies of plastic resins on the market with current average sales volume. more than 50,000 tons/month.

Hadupack is also a supplier of plastic beads with the most product codes on the market.

Currently, the Company can provide more than 200 types of plastic pellets ranging from: PP (Yarn, Injection, Film, Coated, Block Copolymer) to PE (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE), ABS granules, PS (HIPS, GPPS) , EVA, SAN, PET, PC, PPr, PA, POM,… to meet the diverse needs of customers.


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