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Lubricant label – Engine oil label

Our lubricant labels are manufactured with oil-proof, water-proof, heat-resistant, durable, sharp printing, high speed.

Lubricant labels are an important component in the automotive and motorcycle industry. As it provides essential information about the engine oil, such as type, viscosity and specifications, performance. Ensure that consumers and technicians know exactly the right oil for a particular engine, for better engine performance and longer life.


Are lubricant labels important?

  1. Provides important information: It conveys essential details such as API classification, viscosity grade and performance characteristics of the oil, helping users make purchasing decisions.
  2. Ensure regulatory compliance: It helps manufacturers comply with industry standards and regulatory requirements for labeling and packaging.
  3. Assists in proper engine maintenance: Accurate label information helps users choose the right oil, ensuring optimal engine performance, reducing wear and extending life.
  4. Increase brand recognition: A well-designed label can showcase a company’s logo and brand, increasing brand visibility to customers.

Printing lubricant bottle labels – Hadupack’s special solution

Hadupack’s modern printing technology can print multi-layer lubricant labels, so that the labels for lubricant bottles have more information than conventional labels. This is the solution preferred by many of our customers, for several reasons:

  1. Present product content in multiple languages.
  2. There is more space to create a brand mark.
  3. Meet all mandatory information required on the label.
  4. Show more detailed product information.
  5. Show full brand communication such as QR code, website and social media.

Scope of application of engine oil label

  1. Automotive industry: Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles with internal combustion engines.
  2. Industrial equipment: Generators, air compressors and machinery requiring oil lubrication.
  3. Marine engines: Boats, ships and other watercraft with engines.
  4. Retail: Packaging of motor oil for sale at auto shops and service centers.

Guide to choosing a lubricant label of Hadupack

We always help our customers with everything about labels, from simple to complex. Here are some of our lubricant label guidelines:


  1. Choose durable, oil-resistant, water-resistant materials such as vinyl, polyester, polypropylene stamps, or can withstand harsh conditions and chemical exposure.
  2. The ink is UV resistant, so that the labels do not fade when exposed to sunlight.
  3. The long-lasting adhesive can withstand temperature fluctuations and resist oil contamination.
  4. Design clear text, graphics, sharp printing, easy to read for the brand to convey information to customers fastest.

Quick summary of lubricant label printing materials

  1. Polyester: durable material with excellent chemical and heat resistance.
  2. Polypropylene: A versatile, cost-effective material with good chemical and water resistance.
  3. Vinyl: A versatile material known for its durability and resistance to extreme conditions.

5 Notes when labeling lubricants

  1. When labeling engine oil, it is important to note the following 5 things:
  2. Surface cleaning: Make sure the surface is free of dirt, grease and residue for best adhesion.
  3. Apply at the right temperature: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range for best results.
  4. Precise label positioning to maintain a professional look.
  5. Use uniform force to secure the label and remove air bubbles.
  6. Avoid touching the adhesive side: Minimize contact with the adhesive side of the label to avoid reducing adhesion.


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