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Cotton fabric labels – Cotton fabric labels – 100% cotton labels

The leading supplier of cotton labels for the textile industry. Print Label specializes in producing high quality, durable cotton fabric labels that can be flexibly customized on request.

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Main information about cotton fabric labels

Cotton fabric labels are lightweight but have impressive durability, work well inside or outside clothes, fashion goods. The 100% cotton label is an eco-friendly solution.

At Hadupack, we can produce cotton fabric labels in natural or white colors to match your branding. We can print these with virtually any design you want, reproducing even high-resolution graphics with crisp, bright details for a striking professional look.

Weaving, Printing cotton fabric labels on demand is always a job that Hadupack does excellently. Cotton label is made of natural cotton yarn, super comfortable and soft, breathable and stretchy. It is ideal for children’s clothing, cotton t-shirts and pants, cotton jackets, sweaters, etc. At the same time, they are also suitable for handmade bags, fabric products, knitting, craft crocheting…

Cotton fabric stamps can be produced by two methods: Woven label or Fabric stamp printing. Depending on the type of fabric label of the customer, we will advise on effective production methods.

Popular sizes and shapes of cotton fabric labels for clothes

Our natural cotton labels can be folded to prevent fraying and can be cut to any size you require. The size usually depends on the amount of information to include in the label and where the label is placed. Here are some popular sizes for your reference:

  1. Small label: Usually 1-2cm wide, 2-4cm long. It is suitable for small items or when you need extra labels in a small space.
  2. Average label: Normally, the size is 2-3cm wide and 4-6cm long. Apply to items such as clothes, shoes, bags, scarves…
  3. Big label: In general, the size of the large label is 3-5cm wide, 6-8cm long. They are perfect for larger items like home textiles, furniture, etc. However, the size of the fabric label is not only related to the size of the item. The information content to include in the label also affects its size. If you need to customize a label that needs to contain a lot of information, please choose a larger size label. Likewise, you can opt for two-sided printing, saving space and budget.

In addition, there are many shapes to customize printed cotton labels. Such as square, rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc.

What color can choose from us for cotton label?

Cotton fabric stamps are usually pure natural ivory white. Of course, we have a wide range of dyed cotton fabrics available for you to choose the color you want. However, there

  1. White Label: Simple and elegant white label. White cotton fabric labels are suitable for luxury brands or delicate products.
  2. Black Label: Black label looks more stylish and noble. So they are ideal for fashion or high-end brands, such as men’s vest brands. It can show the quality of the product.
  3. Natural color label: Natural color is purer and organic. And we often associate it with organic, sustainable and eco-friendly products. Therefore, cotton labels with natural colors are ideal for natural or eco-friendly products.
  4. Color Labels: Color labels are visually richer and more vivid. So it is suitable for use in various products. Such as children’s clothing, fashion clothing, etc.

Content printed or woven on cotton fabric stamps

In general, cotton labels can include the following:

  1. Brand logo
  2. Size
  3. Design patterns or images
  4. The percentage of cotton, such as 100% organic cotton, etc
  5. Care instructions: such as washing, drying, ironing or dry cleaning instructions
  6. Country of Origin

What clothes can cotton labels be used on?

Custom cotton labels for clothes

We can use soft cotton labels on all cotton fabrics and clothing. Such as cotton t-shirts, baby clothes, cotton pants, pajamas, cotton jackets, leggings, etc. Labels include information like brand logo, size, care mark, fabric composition, place of manufacture, and more. Therefore, when buying and using cotton clothing, it is very important to read and follow the instructions on the label. This will give you better protection and prolong the life of your clothes.

Custom cotton labels for craft items

Likewise, we can also use cotton labels on various cotton crafts. Examples: handmade bags, fabric products, knitting or crocheting items, cotton embroidery work, etc.

For those who love handmade items, the use of labels can help make handmade items more professional and branded. Furthermore, the use of labels can also facilitate buyers to understand and identify the quality and provenance of handcrafted products.

3 reasons why cotton labels are a good choice for your brand

Can be customized easily

We use state-of-the-art printing methods to form high definition fabric labels that won’t fade, even after multiple washes. And with a beveled, end-folding construction with a wide choice of widths from 10mm to 50mm. Your cotton label can be as long as you want, but it should be long enough to show the content on the label, this creates a discreet, snug fit for the garment, and also reduces the cost of making the label. fabric label.

Cotton fabric brings comfort

With a soft, luxurious yet intimate feel, cotton labels are the undisputed choice for apparel brands looking to add a touch of sophistication to their products. Cotton has always been considered the best material for everything, including clothes. Cotton fibers make it easy for air to pass through, breathable and very effective at absorbing water. This is why cotton is preferred over all other fabrics in hot weather. Cotton fabric also has a very long lifespan and can be washed for a long time in hot or cold water without damage.

Extremely eco-friendly

Cotton is made from organic cotton fibers, not blended like other fabrics. It is environmentally friendly from the growing stage, with almost no chemical use.


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