Security hologram



Security hologram

Security hologram, hologram anti-counterfeiting stamp is a popular stamp used a lot in the field of business and goods production. By using modern laser technology without the use of ink, this makes this stamp different.

What is Hologram Stamp?

Hologram stamps (Anti-counterfeiting hologram stamps), also known as 7-color stamps, are stamps produced by modern laser technology without using ink, laser engraving images on hologram films with nanometer details.

The color of the hologram anti-counterfeiting stamp is a dispersion color, with each viewing angle will see a different color, so this type of stamp is also known as a 7-color anti-counterfeit stamp.

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Structural features on Hologram stamps

1. Specification

Hologram stamps are made with 2D/3D laser and Dot – Matrix, two beams will create an interference field on the film and that is the hologram. This is the most modern and advanced stamp printing technology in the world today.

Holograms are also holograms that are virtually impossible to reproduce.

When looking at different angles, we see different colors, and the patterns on the stamps are also different when the viewing angle is changed.

Hologram background with different colors

2. Hologram stamp material

With hologram film material, the 7-color light of the hologram film makes the hologram anti-counterfeiting stamp very prominent and difficult to copy.

The hologram film adheres very well to the product surface, when removed, it will immediately fail, avoiding copying and reuse as much as possible.

Aesthetics are also better than conventional materials, when hologram anti-counterfeiting stamps are applied to the product, we feel like it is a decoration.

Incorporating anti-counterfeiting technology into Hologram stamps

  1. Hologram anti-counterfeit stamp is the most used stamp in the world, its reliability is very high. However, now businesses need more than just anti-counterfeiting stamps.
  2. Integrating technology for anti-counterfeiting hologram stamps, we can get support from specialized software too
  3. SMS technology helps consumers to access product information through messages according to the syntax printed on stamps and encoded characters on the software.
  4. QR code is simpler, When scanning a QR code with a code scanning application on a smart device with a camera, the system will return information of the product and manufacturer.
  5. Traceability is also possible with advanced software, consumers can know the production and processing process of the products they use.
  6. Businesses can apply promotions, special offers, accumulate points or simply collect customer reviews through scanning QR codes or texting SMS. Increase anti-counterfeiting ability when using hologram anti-counterfeiting stamps combining QR code and SMS.

The field of using Hologram anti-counterfeiting stamps

  1. Hologram anti-counterfeiting stamp is the leading type of stamp that is currently popularly used by businesses for products with many advantages and is very difficult to be counterfeited.
  2. Hologram stamps are widely used in the world on many products to avoid counterfeiting, counterfeiting, especially for high-security items such as currency, identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses , bank cards … With products of businesses, anti-counterfeiting Hologram stamps are used for the pharmaceutical, electronics, books, cultural products, garments, consumer goods industries, …
  3. A brand that regularly uses its anti-counterfeit hologram stamp is the famous electronic brand casio, which is currently the world’s leading electronic brand. Handheld computers, watches, calculators…or other casio products.

A little bit about the supplier business

Anti-counterfeiting stamps issued by Hadupack:

  1. Company Win is one of the best companies providing anti-counterfeiting hologram stamps today. There are all kinds of high-tech stamps today, which products are suitable for stamps, businesses will be consulted thoroughly and specifically when contacting Win.
  2. The software that supports QR, SMS or traceability stamps from basic to advanced are developed by experts of Win company. Therefore, business support will be optimized and most profound.
  3. The staff is dedicated to the job, dedicated to the business, listening and understanding the business in order to maximize the protection of the brand and products of the business.
  4. Developing applications that support code checking with user-friendly Wincheck smart devices. This is also a step forward in maximum support for businesses and customers in identifying products and brands through anti-counterfeiting stamps.

This article has answered questions for readers to answer the question of what is a hologram stamp? To know more about anti-counterfeiting stamps, please contact Hadupack.


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