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Clear Labels – Print decals in – Transparent labels for bottles and jars

Clear labels, transparent stamps have a glossy beauty, creating beautiful effects, so they are very useful for building and identifying brands.

Clear Labels?

Clear plastic stamps are made from a clear, glossy material with a coating on the surface to protect the print layer providing excellent durability for the sticker. It is suitable for many personal and business applications. Designed for use up to 3 years outdoors.

Inspirational transparent stamp template

There are many ideas to make your product stand out in your own way, whether it is luxurious, elegant, or light, fun or simple. Here are some transparent decal templates you can refer to to add to the product label design.

4 benefits of transparent stamps?

Product aesthetics

Never underestimate the power of beauty and aesthetics. Products with impressive appearance are always preferred by consumers to buy. And the way businesses pack and decorate products also reflect the personality and identity of the brand.


Transparent stamps for sharp, vibrant colors and images that amaze you. This is the material that we and our customers prefer when printing plastic labels

Customer confidence

The transparent stamp blends into the surrounding environment, and for the product inside the packaging, the bottle is clearly displayed. This helps consumers know exactly what they are going to buy. And will trust the brand.

Brand awareness

Products are displayed with decal stamps in brand logo printing. Along with impressive design is always a great formula for customers to remember the brand in a special way.

Outstanding Features

Transparent stamps have many of the characteristics of plastic stamps and a few of its own:

  1. Water proof.
  2. UV resistant.
  3. Clear, shiny.
  4. Suitable for use in all products.
  5. Long label life.
  6. Non-toxic.
  7. Oil and chemical resistant
  8. Environmentally friendly


  1. Branding
  2. Stickers for food and beverages in glass or plastic bottles.
  3. Labels for cosmetics such as perfume, shampoo, shower gel.
  4. Stickers for bicycles, motorcycles, cars…
  5. Brand logo printed label.
  6. Waterproof labels

What makes transparent stamps special?

This sleek beauty is not only useful but can also create stunning effects, it gives you more creative ideas to make your products stand out.

  1. Virtually invisible vinyl makes your design stand out, and customers can see what’s inside.
  2. Unlimited colors used, including white ink.
  3. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
  4. Scratch-resistant, water-resistant and won’t fade in sunlight.
  5. Transparent glossy coating protects the printed layer.
  6. Adhesive adheres to most surfaces.
  7. Design with any desired shape
  8. Minimum size 2cm, maximum 70cm.

Transparent stamp printing process

  1. Glossy coating protects from sunlight, scratches and water.
  2. Printed with the latest technology for clear, sharp details and vivid colors.
  3. Transparent vinyl layer.
  4. Adhesive, perfect adhesion for thousands of applications.
  5. The thick backing makes them easy to peel off & gives them a premium feel.

How to stick decals inside

When it comes to labeling many products (thousands or more), brands often use automatic labeling machines in the product packaging process, every stage related to labeling, the machines will do it themselves.

In contrast, for brands with a small number of products, choose manual stickers, and here are some notes to make transparent stamping convenient:

  1. Surface cleaning: To remove everything such as dust, dirt on the surface. It is best to use soap, or glass spray to clean thoroughly.
  2. Use gloves: this prevents your fingerprints from leaving the adhesive surface.
  3. Smoothing: Do not rub by hand, easy to wrinkle or deviate from the surface of the sticker. Should rub the stamp with a thin towel to push all the air bubbles out.



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