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Cardboard Paper

Cardboard paper is an essential product for packaging and transporting goods. In addition, the product is also recycled to make handmade items. But now, many customers are still wondering about the price or have not found a reputable address to buy cartons. Please refer to this article of Hadupack because the following information will definitely be extremely useful to you !

Characteristics of carton board

Cardboard is an essential product for production in the packaging and product packaging industry. Here are the salient features of corrugated cardboard:

  1. Very light carton paper: The lowest carton paper weight is only about 35gsm to 55gsm and the current largest is 360gsm. However, some countries are experimenting to a higher level to expand the applicability of paper.
  2. The price is very cheap: You can buy cardboard sheets for a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dong depending on the size and thickness of the paper.
  3. Cardboard is very flexible: You can use the cardboard to cut or fold it into any shape you want.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Cardboard paper is recycled from paper components, so it is not harmful to the environment. In particular, the product when exposed to moisture or water will decompose automatically.

The main raw material of cardboard is pulp, which accounts for about 74% and the rest is 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum. Cardboard paper produced in a low temperature environment is called cold carton. This cardboard content is about 80% paper and 20% polyethylene. In addition, products are also made from other materials such as old paper or paper products.

Detailed structure of cardboard paperboard

At present, the structure of cardboard paperboard is mainly composed of plain paper and corrugated paper. The alternating combination of these two types of paper will create many different types of carton such as:

Cardboard Type Structure
Plain paper Ordinary paper is Kraft paper imported from reputable units. Plain paper will have high elasticity and high tear resistance. This is also the raw material for the production of corrugated paper.
Corrugated paper Corrugated paper is corrugated from plain paper. There are currently 4 types of waves commonly used today:

  1. Wave A: The highest wave is about 4.7mm and has 33 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. This will help disperse the force when applied to the surface and reduce the weight when packing the product.
  2. Wave B: Is a thin wave with a height of about 3.2mm and has 47 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. This type of wave will help to withstand good penetration forces and create toughness for the carton.
  3. Wave C: The average wave between wave A and wave B with a height of 4mm and 39 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. This type of wave has both the properties of the two types of paper above, but the ability will be slightly less than wave A or wave B.
  4. Wave E: The thinnest wave with a height of 1.6mm and 90 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. But because this type of corrugated board is so thin, it is used to pack light-weight goods.
Carton cover 2 layers 2-layer carton is usually produced in rolls and sold in rolls, so it is called 2-layer carton paper. This type of paper is composed of 1 layer of face paper and 1 layer of corrugated paper. The side of the paper is smooth and has an ocher or ocher color. In particular, between the plain paper and the corrugated paper there is a hydrogen bond, so it is very solid.
3 layers of carton 3-layer carton includes 2 layers of plain paper and 1 layer of corrugated paper stacked on top of each other. The outer paper is smooth and the quality will be higher than the bottom paper. This structure will help save more costs.
5 layers carton 5-layer carton cover includes 3 layers of plain paper and 2 layers of corrugated paper arranged alternately. The low corrugated paper will be placed on the outside and the high corrugated paper layer will be on the inside to make the most of the properties of the corrugated paper.
7 layers carton 7-layer carton is the thickest carton on the Vietnamese market today. This type consists of 4 layers of plain paper and 3 layers of corrugated paper arranged alternately. This is a product with good durability and optimal protection for different uses.

Advantages and disadvantages of cardboard

If you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard, you will know how to use the product properly in any situation. Here are the pros and cons of the product to help you make the most of your carton:


White cardboard is a type of paper packaging that is increasingly used today thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  1. High rigidity: Hard carton will ensure the safety of goods during packaging and transportation.
  2. Light weight: The main component of the product is pulp, so the paper weight is light and easy to transport and pack.
  3. High diversity: Currently, there are many products from cardboard with various sizes, thicknesses, colors and designs. This will help customers easily choose the right carton.
  4. Easy-to-print paper: The image on the carton paper will be sharp and not fade. The packaging of goods will become more professional as well as enhance the value of the product.
  5. Environmental protection: You can recycle cardboard many times to save raw materials. In addition, the product is easily biodegradable and does not affect the user’s health.
  6. Low cost: Because carton paper is made from pulp, users will reduce costs compared to other materials.


Besides the outstanding advantages, carton paper also has many disadvantages, you need to overcome these disadvantages to better protect the product:

  1. Easily damaged: Carton paper is mainly produced from pulp, so it is easy to absorb water and no longer retains its original hardness. Therefore, you must store the product in a cool, dry place.
  2. Not subject to high temperature: The product will easily burn if placed outdoors or in places with high temperatures. You need to store the carton at room temperature.
  3. Short storage time: Cardboard paper will decompose when exposed to humid air, so it cannot be stored for a long time. In addition, the product often encounters rot or decay over time.

Classification of cartons based on structure

Based on the structure of the cardboard, it is divided into 4 types: 2-layer, 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer. Each type of carton paper has its own characteristics as follows:

2 layers cover

2-layer carton is a type of paperboard composed of 1 layer of plain paper and 1 layer of corrugated paper. Products are often used to make partitions or linings for products when packing goods. In addition, this type of carton is also used in the production of small and compact carton boxes.

3-layer cover

The structure of 3-layer carton includes 1 layer of corrugated paper in the middle and 2 layers of plain paper outside. These layers of paper are bonded together by hydrogen force, so they are extremely strong. Cartons with 3 layers usually use B or C corrugated paper. The product is used to pack light and medium weight goods in many fields such as clothing, cosmetics, etc.

5-layer cover

5-layer carton is composed of 2 layers of plain paper, the outer surface is interspersed with 2 layers of corrugated paper and 1 layer of carton paper in the middle of 2 corrugated layers. The product structure will have a high wave inside to help disperse the force and a low wave outside to prevent impact. 5-layer carton paper is used in the production of thick cartons to pack heavy goods such as furniture, machinery, etc. In addition, the product is also used to make toys for children or to make boxes. handmade.

7 layers cover

The structure of 3-layer carton board consists of 2 layers of plain paper outside and 2 layers of plain paper inside, interspersed with 3 layers of corrugated paper. Products are often used to make handmade products or models out of cardboard. In addition, 7-layer cardboard is also used to produce cartons if high product protection is required during packaging and transportation.

Classification of cardboard paper based on wave type

Based on the types of corrugated board, the corrugated board is classified into 4 common types: corrugated A-corrugated paper, B-corrugated carton paper, C-corrugated carton paper, E-corrugated carton paper.

  1. Corrugated Cardboard Paper A: About 4.7mm tall and has 33 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. A-corrugated carton paper has good ability to disperse force over the entire surface of the paper.
  2. B-corrugated cardboard: About 3.2mm tall and has 47 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Products with high penetration resistance should be applied to produce all kinds of carton boxes, food cartons.
  3. C-corrugated cardboard: About 4mm tall and has 39 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Corrugated C-corrugated paperboard has both properties of wave A and wave B. This is a product widely used in the production of cartons containing fruits and vegetables.
  4. E-corrugated cardboard: About 1.6mm tall and has 90 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. E-corrugated paper is often used to produce carton boxes or small cartons such as cosmetic boxes, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Sorting cartons based on color

Based on color, hard carton is classified into 2 main types: white carton and brown carton.

White cardboard paper cover

White cardboard is often used to produce high-end boxes or cartons. So, this kind of white carton will help add value to the product. Currently, there are 2 types of white cardboard:

  1. Cardboard paper covers completely use white cardboard paper
  2. The outer surface layer is white carton and the inner surface layer is yellow-brown ordinary carton paper.

Brown carton

Brown cardboard has smooth surface and characteristic brown color. The product is often used to produce simple cartons or boxes in the process of packaging and shipping goods. In addition, cardboard is also used as lining paper and lining under the goods.

Applications of cardboard paper in life

Nowadays, cardboard is gradually being widely used in daily life. Products are used to produce cartons or carton boxes or protect goods. In addition, making handmade items from cardboard is also popular today.

Making handmade items

Currently, the use of cardboard to make handmade items is applied by many people. This is a cost-effective and environment-friendly solution. You can recycle cardboard boxes that are no longer used as home decorations or as toys for children such as:

  1. Cardboard bed
  2. Cardboard guitar
  3. Cardboard paper printing machine
  4. Cardboard games
  5. Cardboard house for kids
  6. Cardboard bookshelf
  7. Cardboard bookshelf

Producing cartons, carton boxes

Producing cartons, carton boxes is the most important application of carton today. The type of hard carton used for packaging is normal roll or cold carton. See more: Carton box

Cardboard Type Characteristic
Cardboard roll Rolled carton is a type of carton paper with a smooth surface and easy to print when producing cartons and boxes. Products usually use 3 popular colors today: white, yellow, brown. Rolled carton is used to create cartons, universal carton boxes such as: 2-layer carton, 3-layer carton, 5-layer carton, 7-layer carton box, yin and yang carton box, … are applied in many other fields. together.
Cold carton cover Rolled carton is a type of carton paper with a smooth surface and easy to print when producing cartons and boxes. Products usually use 3 popular colors today: white, yellow, brown. Rolled carton is used to create cartons, universal carton boxes such as: 2-layer carton, 3-layer carton, 5-layer carton, 7-layer carton box, yin and yang carton box, … are applied in many other fields. together.

Goods protection application

In addition, cardboard is also used to protect goods. Corrugated cardboard is very flexible so you can use it to pack or line goods. In addition, you can use cardboard as a packing divider for fragile items such as vases, ceramics, wine, etc.

Detailed price list of cartons

In general, the price of cardboard is relatively cheap, so it is suitable for all audiences. The price of cardboard boxes depends on many factors:

  1. Cardboard Paper Size
  2. Type of carton paper to choose
  3. Cardboard paper weight
  4. Number of cartons

Cardboard price list:

Product code Dimensions (cm) +84 976 888 111
C1 5x5x5 cm +84 976 888 111
C2 5x5x10 cm +84 976 888 111
C3 5x5x12.5 cm +84 976 888 111
C4 5x5x18 cm +84 976 888 111
C5 5x5x32 cm +84 976 888 111
C6 6x6x13 cm +84 976 888 111
C7 6x6x36 cm +84 976 888 111

Hadupack provides hard carton with many different types together. Hadupack staff will quote the price of carton paper directly to customers. Customers can contact via hotline, inbox fanpage or leave phone number on quotation form. Staff will contact customers directly to get the most accurate price.

Why should you buy cardboard at a reputable facility?

Quality cardboard products are highly appreciated for their outer appearance and inner material. That’s also why you should buy cardboard at reputable establishments. On the market today, there are many reputable addresses and there are also reputable establishments. Therefore, you need to research carefully before buying the product at that unit. Reputable establishments will help you:

Customers are guaranteed the best benefits because reputable establishments, product quality is always put on top.

  1. Need to choose reputable units to buy quality cartons
  2. Cardboard prices at reputable units are more competitive than other units.
  3. Cardboard paper material is completely natural, contributing to environmental protection.
  4. Customers will save a considerable amount of money.

The #1 reputable place to buy cardboard today

Hadupack is an address for selling carton paper with the largest number of customers today. With thousands of cartons being exported every month. Coming to Hadupack, you will be guaranteed the best benefits for yourself. From the quality to the price of the product will be absolutely guaranteed.

Hadupack has a series of modern machinery systems to serve the product production process such as:

  1. Vertical printing machine, horizontal flexographic printing machine semi-automatic
  2. 3-color, 4-color automatic horizontal flexographic printing machine
  3. Round die machine
  4. Flat die machine
  5. Slow machine
  6. Corrugated board discharging machine
  7. Pasting machine
  8. Label Engraving Machine

In addition, Hadupack has well-trained staff. Employees have extensive experience in machine operation skills to ensure the most rigorous process. In particular, if you have a need to find a place to buy cartons in large or small quantities, we can all meet them at the same time and speed up delivery.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you will buy quality cardboard. If you have any questions, please contact directly via Hadupack’s website or hotline +84 976 888 111 for more detailed advice. Thank you for your interest in the article, have a nice day!


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