Cardboard Packaging Corner



Cardboard Packaging Corner

Cardboard packaging corners are made from many layers of hard paper joined together with a thickness of 3-7mm to form V-angle splints or 90-degree angle splints or other shapes depending on the needs of use. Currently, paper corner brace is a widely used product in packaging products and goods when transporting or exporting with the effect of protecting the corners of packages or cartons. Thanks to that, the goods being transported keep their shape and high safety.


Paper corner brace has many specifications but the most common specifications are: corner brace 50x50x2mm, paper corner brace 50x50x3mm, paper corner brace 50x50x4mm, corner brace 50x50x5mm, corner brace 35x35x3mm, corner brace 30x30x3mm, …with the length depending on the usage requirements of the businesses.

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  • ✓ Paper corner braces have high strength, good bearing capacity, good weight, and are environmentally friendly.
  • ✓A great alternative to wooden and plastic corner braces.
  • ✓ Protect the corners of the goods during transportation.
  • ✓ Reduce damage to corners when packing with pallets
  • ✓ Reduce damage to carton corners when inserted with straps during transportation
  • ✓ Help to fix the goods when transporting
  • ✓Protect product surfaces and corners from damage
  • ✓Can be manufactured according to any specification requirements
  • ✓ Is the optimal solution in terms of cost
  • ✓Prevents surface scratches and corner damage
  • ✓Assist in avoiding bumps and dents during transportation.
  • ✓Increase the ability to stack goods on pallets to expand storage area and prevent heavy goods from moving.
  • ✓Simplify bulky products with ease, improving productivity and costs by reducing packaging time and labor.
  • ✓Flexible, can be used inside or outside the carton.
  • ✓Light and stackable – can be stored easily.
  • ✓It protects the integrity of the product inside, thus giving your brand a great reputation. This will promote business activities that bring profits to the business.


Although there are many brands that offer paper corner braces, there are several reasons for you to choose Hadupack.

  • » Firstly, Hadupack always respects every customer. Therefore, customer satisfaction is our top concern. And whenever necessary, you can immediately contact us.
  • » Hadupack we have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer your questions. Customers can choose the right need from the variety of carton braces that we provide. We guarantee a hassle-free shipping for you.
  • » Our company is working hard to provide high quality carton corner brace at low price. It is therefore made of sturdy and durable materials.
  • » So if you need to buy custom, economical and eco-friendly paper v-sticks, contact and become a Hadupack customer.


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