Big Carton Box for packing



Big Carton Box for packing

Carton (carton paper) is a type of paper in the packaging industry, with at least 2 layers with 1 corrugated layer and lining, in some cases up to 9 layers (5 liner and 4 corrugated).

Cartons are used as cartons for packaging and transporting goods. In addition to the function of protecting goods from shocks, cartons can be printed eye-catchingly for the purpose of promoting the brand.

Almost all industries that produce products have a need to use cartons.

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Raw materials to produce cartons?

The industry is divided into two categories:

  1. With ordinary carton in the carton composition, there are about 74% paper, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminum.
  2. With Carton used in low temperature environment, there are about 80% paper and 20% polyethylene.

Paper used in the production of cartons is recycled paper we collect used paper and take it to paper recycling plants.

The paper will be ground into powder and together with the processes and machines that make up carton paper, undergoes cutting, die-cutting, printing, etc. to make cartons.

Carton with lid:

The starting point is to meet the actual needs of individuals, production and business units in all fields that need all kinds of Carton boxes, paper pallets, Carton boxes to store products so that they are both neat and beautiful. eye, while ensuring quality to enhance value when coming to customers. One of the most advanced standard cartons available today is our Lid Carton.

Basic structure: The basic structure of the lidded carton is a carton with the lids completely overlapping when the carton is closed, which enhances the strength of the carton and better protects the packed product inside. . This design is suitable for narrow and narrow boxes. Cartons are manufactured in the form of 3 layers, 5 layers or 7 layers depending on the customer’s order requirements.

Superior features:

  1. Can be opened and closed frequently.
  2. Designed according to a separate mold, every time the box is closed, the product inside is still kept in place so that no damage occurs to ensure safe transportation.
  3. On the box can also print logo, convey the message of the business closer to customers.

Use files, shoes or gift boxes for all other products, etc. As in the process of working for a long time, of course, the number of files will also increase gradually, they cannot be thrown away but also cannot display much. because there is no need to use it for the time being. The best way is to store it in a Carton with a lid, this will help your workspace be more spacious and comfortable. At the same time, when you need to find old documents at any time, they can be found easily.


  1. The specifications of the carton with logo printed can be changed according to the individual requirements of the customer.
  2. For special requirements on carton product specifications, please contact our Hotline for specific advice.

Hadupack is committed to the quality of Kraft paper products, cartons, Hadupack cartons, carton rolls, etc. for all our customers and partners. All products have been thoroughly tested at the factory.

Carton partition:

Carton partition is a convenient product, allowing you to store many small, fragile items into the same carton to save space as well as reduce packaging and transportation costs.

Clothing carton box: Clothing carton box is a type of carton designed and manufactured to store and preserve clothes.

Proud to be the leading supplier of packaging solutions in Vietnam, we have affirmed the prestige and brand of Hadupack with all domestic and foreign partners. With superior product quality, competitive prices and professional working style, we believe that we will always bring satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers.


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