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Learn about Ivory paper and its applications.

Ivory paper is a white paper with very high smoothness and brightness because it is processed through equipment. Ivory Paper is divided into two basic types: Ivory Paper (FBB) and Ivory Kraft Paper. What is the application of ivory paper – used to store products in the food, fast food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries…

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1. What is ivory paper?

Ivory paper is a white paper with very high smoothness and brightness because it is processed through equipment. Similar to Bristol paper, but ivory paper has only one side coated, the other side is matte white.

2. What is ivory paper classification?

Ivory paper is divided into 2 basic types:

Ivory Paper (FBB): This Ivory paper is coated on one side, the other side is matte white, the base is white, thick and quite hard. This paper weight is around 170 – 400 gsm, but common weights are around 210 – 350 gsm. This type of paper is often used to print packaging, bags, cigarette boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, pharmaceuticals, perfume boxes, cake boxes, fast food boxes, tea and coffee boxes, book & book covers, folders, etc.

Ivory Kraft Paper: With high thickness and hardness, one side is coated with Ivory and the other side is dark like Kraft paper. Paper weight is about 230gsm – 500gsm. This paper is commonly used in printing packaging, shoe boxes, wine packaging, cigarette packs, match boxes, toothpaste boxes, cosmetic packaging, high-end handbag products, light boxes, milk cartons and juice boxes. The advantage of this type of paper is that it is very convenient, easy to decompose and can be reused many times, not harmful to the environment as well as human health.

a.Weight of paper: Common weights of Ivory paper: 190, 210, 220, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400 gsm.

Paper weight is grams per square meter, the higher the gsm number of the paper, the heavier it means the thicker the paper. When using thick paper (from 350gsm or more), pay attention to the direction of the paper grain, as this can affect the print quality and the finished product.

b.Size: Common sizes: 75x102cm; 79x109cm; 89x120cm and roll sizes 49cm, 65cm; 75cm; 79cm and 89cm, cut ream according to customer requirements.

3. Advantages and uses of ivory paper.


  1. Shiny paper, high efficiency in printing. The coating on the surface is very thin, providing high paper strength.
  2. Irovy paper can be used for cutting, embossing, corrugation, die cutting, etc. to make the packaging more attractive.
  3. This type of paper has the characteristics of being tough, porous, and light. In addition, it has good resistance to force.

3.2.Application of Ivory paper.

  1. Used to store products in the food industry, fast food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. In case of food storage, a certificate of safety is required for the health of the user.
  2. Used in the electrical industry to store light bulbs, fuses, circuit breakers, … The mechanical industry holds screws, screws, pliers, door locks, …
  3. In addition, ivory paper is also often used to make file covers, book covers.

Where to buy Ivory paper?

Currently, you can easily buy Ivory paper at many addresses, buy it directly or buy it online, the paper price ranges from 30,000 VND – over 200,000 / sheet depending on the paper size, type and quantity.

If you buy online, e-commerce sites are available for sale. You can also go to bookstores, photocopiers or paper shops (there are many such shops near art schools) to buy directly.

Hopefully the above information from Hadupack will help you better understand what ivory paper is. Or if you are in need of printing, want to find a reputable printing unit, good price, experienced staff, do not forget to contact the hotline: +84 976 888 111


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