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Paper tubes, Cardboard paper core tube

Paper tubes is the most common and used paper product in our lives, and at the same time, paper tube is also an industry that attracts people’s attention. Carton core tube is a kind of pre-fabricated paper product packaging into hollow tubes. The company’s products are available in many varieties and on the market there are round tubes, square tubes, flat tubes and prismatic tubes. Among them, the round tube is the most popular. See more: Carton Box

Seamless paper core tube, spiral paper tube, chemical fiber paper tube, stretch film paper tube, industrial paper tube, packaging paper tube…

Paper core tube is a packaging material for paper products, round paper tube has been widely used in products such as shelves, display racks, disassembly and assembly of bearing cartons, paper pallets, furniture eco-friendly, heavy-duty packaging and cylinder knives.

It is made of kraft paper and fiber tube using hydrosol as the binder, making it easy to recycle and not harmful to the environment. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, moisture resistance, light weight, good bearing capacity and easy stacking. Especially in line with environmental protection requirements, it is an ideal new green packaging material for all walks of life.

Paper products are commonly used as paper tube cores:

  1. Card printing paper: The surface of the paper is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss, is the type of paper commonly used for business cards on the market.
  2. Kraft paper: Good strength, strong pulling force, smooth, even paper, strong vertical and horizontal tensile strength, smooth surface, high content of wood pulp and bamboo pulp.
  3. Bobbin paper: high hardness, double-sided adhesive does not crack.

Paper core tube features:

  • ✓High-grade seamless paper tube: The surface of the paper tube is seamless, super smooth, dust-free, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easy for secondary processing, especially suitable for ultra-thin plastic films , metal foil, paper, EVA film High speed roll of other materials.
  • ✓High strength paper tube: high compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in paper making, film and other large-scale roll industries. Its outstanding advantages are suitable for high-speed winding, large capacity and excellent cost-effectiveness.
  • ✓Large size ECO paper tube: max outside diameter is 680mm, sturdy, suitable for stainless steel, color steel plate, aluminum foil, copper strip, cardboard and construction industries. Its features are large load bearing, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • ✓Small wall thickness paper tube: thin wall thickness, flat end surface, precise length, suitable for adhesive tape, adhesive film, medical and other industries.

Product application of carton paper core:

Paper tube for wall packaging, paper tube for textile industry, industrial paper tube with iron head, high pressure paper tube, transport paper tube, large industrial paper tube, to meet the needs of our customers.

The production process of cheap carton paper core tube:

The production process of cartons is divided into several steps, first, raw paper is cut and put into shaping glue to roll the body of the box, then dried, then rolled to stretch the iron ring and frame to support the barrel body, shape. And the bottom of the barrel is rolled bottom, painted with iron mouth and painted on the body, finally the lock and top cover are completed in combination with the barrel body, on the body of the barrel is printed a brand name, thus completing the production process. export cartons.

Quality requirements of carton paper core tube:

  1. Paper tube / paper box must be round, without obvious defects such as not round, dented, misaligned, etc.
  2. The carton/paper box is smooth, no mechanical damage, no wrinkles, no glue leaks, even coating, no leakage, no bubbles and no obvious sagging.
  3. Paper cartons/cans without paper blades on rounded edges are curled.
  4. The cartons/paper cans are welded firmly and smoothly, without burning or mis-welding and without obvious corrosion, peeling and cracking.
  5. The carton/carton sealer is firmly connected, can be opened flexibly, and the lid and bottom of the carton are sealed after closing.
  6. The carton cover is galvanized or painted and the carton/paper can lid should be bright and not fall off.
  7. Paper cartons / paper boxes have clear and even printed images, strong adhesion, no ink flow.
  8. The inside and outside of the paper drum/paper box are clean and free of oil stains.

Paper drum/carton performance test:

Test items include vertical impact drop test, stacking test, shear resistance test…Samples must be pretreated for 4 hours at 23 ± 2 and relative humidity ( 50 ± 5)% as specified by GB4857.2 and the test must be completed within 5 minutes of removal.

① The vertical impact drop test method is carried out according to the provisions of GB4857.5-92, and the test height is 0.8m.

②The stacking test method is carried out according to the provisions of GB4857.3-92, and the stacking quality is calculated as follows:

M0 = K (H / h-1) × M1

In the formula: M0 —— grade quality, kg

M1 —— Quality of single package, kg

H — stacking height, m

h —— Height of a package, m

K —— The reduction factor is generally 2

Note: The value of H/h should be rounded to an integer.

③ Test method for cutting resistance of paper drums/paper cans: Turn the drum upside down, with the bottom of the drum facing up, and place on the flat surface of the bottom of the drum a round wooden board less than 10mm in diameter. Add static pressure to 5000N and hold it for 4 hours.

Transport and storage of paper tube packaging:

Storage and transportation of paper drums need to avoid rain, exposure, moisture, pollution, to avoid scratching sharp objects, should be arranged vertically, avoid cross-folding, warehouse more than 150mm above the ground.


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