Paper pallets



Paper Pallets

Paper pallet is a flat structure pallet used to load goods for the purpose of storage or lifting by hand pallet trucks, forklifts … Depending on each item with different packing needs, there are different types of pallets. made from different materials such as wooden pallets, plastic pallets, iron pallets… In which, paper pallet is a type of shelf that closes goods made from paper. With outstanding features, this paper pallet product is prioritized for use in the field of export.

Structure and application of paper pallets:

Paper pallets have many outstanding advantages that other types of pallets do not have such as environmentally friendly paper materials, safe for products on pallets because they do not have to deal with insects like wooden pallets, especially easy. Recycling. Using paper pallets is efficient and convenient for export customs clearance.

3 leg paper pallet:

  1. 3-legged paper pallet is light in weight, convenient for transportation
  2. 3-leg paper pallets can be shoveled in 2 directions to help pallets have high bearing capacity
  3. 3-legged paper pallet can bear 500-2000 kg

Paper pallet 9 legs:

  1. 9 foot paper pallet is light in weight, convenient for transportation
  2. Paper pallets with 9 feet can be easily shoveled in 4 directions during the movement of goods
  3. 9 foot paper pallet can bear 500-2000 kg

Honeycomb Paper Pallets:

  • ✓Honeycomb paper pallets are pallets made from knurled paper. This pallet has an internal structure similar to a honeycomb, hence the name honeycomb paper pallet.
  • ✓Honeycomb paper pallets have a compact structure but are capable of withstanding large loads, moreover, when used to transport export goods, they do not have to go through the same rigorous testing stages as wooden pallets, which saves money. time should be increasingly used to gradually replace wooden pallets.
  • ✓Besides, with the advantage of light weight, honeycomb paper pallets help save costs when transporting goods by air and water.
  • ✓Like other paper pallets, honeycomb paper pallets help protect the environment, resist moisture and have a large load capacity, against tearing and compression forces. This is the right choice for businesses operating in the field of packaging goods for export to the US, Europe, or South America…with high safety and environmental protection requirements. When no longer worth using, paper pallets can easily be recycled or destroyed, without affecting the environment.
  • ✓Honeycomb paper pallets have common sizes such as: 1200*1000*130mm, 1200*800*130mm, 1000*800*130mm and can be produced according to customer requirements.
  • ✓The honeycomb paper pallet can bear a load of 6 tons, without sharp, hard edges or nails to damage, deform, scratch the goods during transportation.

Special paper pallets:

This is a paper pallet with a positioning box, shaped like a normal carton, but at the bottom is a paper pallet with a lid. This type of pallet is often used in packaging and transporting goods.

IKEA standard paper pallet:

This is a paper pallet manufactured according to IKEA standards – a leading corporation in the production of paper pallets. IKEA standards include: Bending stiffness (ISO 5628), Edgewise crush (ISO 3037), Brursting strength (ISO 2759), Cobb 60 (ISO 535) ……

All kinds of paper pallets can be made according to customers’ requirements with specific specifications.


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