Printed plastic bags



Printed plastic bags

Currently, the demand for using plastic bags to store goods and food is increasing, especially in big cities. So in addition to storing goods, food, what role do plastic bags play? How is the printing process of plastic bags, what types are there? Where is the best place to print? The answer will be answered in detail in the following article.

What is plastic bag printing?

In the simplest way, printing plastic bags is applying and using technologies to print and create plastic bags of all colors and sizes. Meet all user needs.

The role of plastic bags

To understand why more and more businesses now use plastic bags throughout their business activities. We will review some of the roles this publication plays below.

Store and preserve goods and products

Certainly, the first role is to store and preserve products and goods. Depending on the goods, people use different types of plastic bags.

Brand promotion

On some types of bags for fashion, cosmetic, shoe and food stores, more information about the business brand is often printed. According to marketing experts, this is also one of the effective methods of brand and business promotion. People will rely on the information on the bag to learn and buy at that business or brand.

Impress your customers

Printing beautiful plastic bags is also a way to make an impression on customers. The luxurious bags, eye-catching colors will attract the eyes of customers and passersby.

The most popular plastic bag printing materials today

Printed plastic bags, like other publications, have a lot of materials for people to choose to suit their requirements and pocket. Specifically, the materials include:

Printed transparent plastic bags

The first is a transparent plastic bag that we often see in cosmetic and clothing stores. This is a very good soft and glossy bag, the image after printing is extremely sharp. Create luxury for products and contribute to promoting brands and businesses more effectively.

Printed plastic bags HD

HD plastic bags are also chosen by many businesses because of their low price, good print quality, and hard bags. However, the price is cheap, so the bag is not smooth and easily wrinkled. The common HD plastic bags are clear HD bags, regular HD zin and HZ in black, yellow, milky white, etc.

Printed white porcelain PE plastic bag

Next are plastic bags for shops made from PE material, also known as PE granules. These particles are blown through the machine, so they are very soft, tough, smooth, and especially difficult to fade compared to other plastic bags.

PE plastic bags can be created in many different colors, meeting the needs of shops. Normally, the sizes of shops often choose are 15 x 25cm, 20 x 30cm, 25 x 35cm, 30x42cm, 35 x 50cm, 40 x 60cm. In addition, this size can also be flexible according to the requirements of the shops to fit their products.

Printed PP plastic bags

This is a bag with very high mechanical strength, quite hard and very good waterproof. The surface of PP bags has a very high glossiness, so many businesses choose to use it. 

Classification of plastic bags

Currently, there are many ways to classify plastic bags, but to make it easier for people to grasp, we will classify them by outer style. Specifically, there will be 3 types of bags as follows.

Zipper bags

This type of bag is designed with a lock on the top of the bag, also known as a zip lock bag. This bag is often used to store products that need to be sealed, such as dry goods, jewelry, food, electronic components, medical supplies, etc. Just swipe the mouth of the bag to be able to close it. bag without tying.

Styrofoam bag

Next is the foam strap bag, this is the cheapest type of plastic bag today. Usually used in markets or small grocery stores.

Mango seed bag

This is a rectangular design bag, near the top of the bag is a rounded shape used to make a handle. This bag is often used by many fashion, shoe, cosmetic, etc. shops because of its elegance, beauty and can promote the brand well.

Current printing technology of plastic bags

Like materials, to print plastic bags will need different printing technologies. We will introduce to you a few popular technologies such as:

Silkscreen printing

Print plastic bags by silk screen printing method, also known as screen printing. This is one of the semi-manual printing methods chosen by many units to print plastic bags in small quantities.

This printing technology will often require printing tools such as: printing table, printing mold, lever, printing glue. After that, pre-design information and images on the net, silk, the bottom will be placed with plastic bags waiting to be printed. Just pull the handle to turn the images, the information will be printed on the bag.

Because it is semi-manufactured, it is possible to print in many colors at the same time, any staff can do it and do not need to invest too much in machinery. Low cost printing.

However, because it is done manually by hand, only 1 copy can be printed at a time. Therefore, only a small quantity can be printed, the print quality is not high.

Printed by gravure shaft

This is a fairly new printing technology, completely replacing manual silkscreen printing, so the number of printed bags will be more in the same time. Reduce time and effort and reduce printing costs.

Printed on the gravure shaft, the words and images will be engraved in the metal face. Then use that surface to print on plastic bags, making the images and information to be printed sharper. Especially, it can print 200m/min, meeting a large number of orders in the shortest time.

However, this printing technology is usually quite expensive, cannot print more than 3 colors at the same time. Moreover, the machine operator needs to be highly skilled and absolutely must not make mistakes in the working process.

Price list for printing plastic bags

Although it depends on many factors such as material, printing method, quantity of printing, size. But we will update the plastic bag printing price ranges for everyone to consult and be proactive in choosing their own printing method.

  1. Price for printing HD plastic bags: from 450 VND – 1950 VND/bag.
  2. Price for printing PE plastic bags: from 960 VND – 2650 VND/bag.
  3. Price for printing transparent cellophane bags: from 290 VND – 1590 VND/bag.
  4. Price for printing two-strap plastic supermarket bags: from 580 VND – 1400 VND/bag.

Reasons to choose to print plastic bags at Hadupack

Coming to Hadupack, customers not only receive quality publications, good prices, but also receive absolute satisfaction. Because the incentives when using printing services at this unit are always the most attractive.

Best print quality:

Printed plastic bags at Hadupack are always highly appreciated by customers for their quality. Part of this reason is that this unit owns the best equipment and machinery. In addition, there is a team of highly skilled designers and technicians. Helping publications always achieve the best quality, making 100% customers satisfied when using.

Receive printing plastic bags in small quantity:

Not only can we print large quantities of plastic bags, but Hadupack also accepts small quantities of plastic bags. Catering to small customers, or customers who do not have enough money to print large quantities at the same time.

Print plastic bags on demand

Hadupack owns a very skilled design team, which can design and print plastic bags according to customers’ specific requirements. Specifically, in terms of colors, information, images, and sizes, they can all meet the unique needs of customers to create impressive plastic bags for their stores and businesses.

Most competitive price in the area

Another thing that makes Hadupack always on the priority list of customers with printing needs is the price. The price at Hadupack is always the most competitive, and it is this that has attracted a lot of new customers.

Quick order, fast delivery

Another reason why customers choose Hadupack is that they can order without going directly to the printing factory. Just contact Hadupack’s hotline, the consultant will assist you with advice, information collection and quick ordering instructions.

Then, all information will be transferred to the design and printing department to complete the order. After a full count of quantity and quality, the publication will be packed and delivered to the customer at the address provided.

Thus, without spending a lot of time, customers can also get the best publications in terms of both quality and price. HAdupack has committed that, as long as customers put 10% trust in HAdupack, customers will surely get 100% satisfaction back.

Many attractive promotions

Finally, there are extremely attractive promotions and discounts that Hadupack spends heavily to attract and thank customers. Offers welcome new customers, loyalty program for old customers and attractive discounts for bulk orders.

Plastic bag printing process at Hadupack

The following is information about the plastic bag printing process at Hadupack. You can refer to for specific information before choosing.

Step 1: Process customer information:

First, the consultant will process customer information. Update the necessary information for the order such as: quantity, style, size, information of the orderer, recipient, deposit amount. Then pass it on to the design department.

Step 2: Design the plastic bag:

The design department will rely on the information sent by the customer to design the most suitable plastic bag. Next, it will be sent and approved with the customer to agree on the printed sample.

Step 3: Print the sample:

After receiving the sample from the design department, the technician will conduct a test print of the sample and send it back to the designer for a unified design with the customer.

Step 4: Proceed to print:

If the sample printing is approved by the designer and the customer, the technician will conduct mass printing to quickly deliver to the customer. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the printing technology used can be silkscreen or gravure printing.

Step 5: Count the number:

After printing is completed, the quality and quality of finished plastic bags will be counted. Unsatisfactory products will be removed and additionally printed so that when reaching customers, 100% of the publications must be of the best quality.

Step 6: Deliver finished products to customers:

After fully counting the quantity and assessing the quality of plastic bags. The publications will be packed and shipped to the customer’s place. When receiving the goods, the customer can check the finished product and then have to pay the rest to the company.


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