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Labels of pesticides – herbicides – Print labels of pesticides

Pesticides, herbicides, and pesticides labels provide important information, including active ingredients, target pests, instructions for use, and safety precautions.

Pesticide labels are an important component of pesticide packaging. These stamps provide important information, including active ingredients, target pests, instructions for use and safety precautions. Paying attention to the label of pesticides ensures users have accurate information to choose the right product, apply it safely and effectively and comply with the requirements of the regulatory agency.


Information on pesticide labels – plant protection drug labels

Each pesticide brand will have a different way of presenting the content on the pesticide label, but it is required to have 04 main contents:

  1. Information about the manufacturer’s brand.
  2. Product information: Name of the drug and its information such as: ingredients, active ingredient content, hazard warnings and safety warnings
  3. Instructions for use: how to use the drug, how to spray …
  4. Instruct safety measures such as wearing protective clothing, using gloves, etc.

Why are pesticide and herbicide labels important?

  1. Communicating essential information: It provides users with detailed information about the pesticide’s ingredients, application instructions, instructions for proper use, and ensures effective pest control.
  2. Hazard warnings : Hazard warnings and safety precautions, personal protective equipment requirements, and first aid instructions are included on pesticide labels, and safety precautions, requirements for personal protective equipment and first aid instructions, help reduce risk. accidents and exposure.
  3. Ensure compliance with government regulations regarding pesticide use and packaging.
  4. Support environmental protection: By providing information on how to properly handle and store, contribute to reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Classification of labels of pesticides – plant protection drugs

  1. Agriculture: Pesticides and herbicides are used in farming for crop protection and pest management.
  2. Horticulture: Products used in horticulture and landscaping to control pests on ornamental plants and lawns.
  3. Pest control industry: Pesticides are used by professional epidemiologists in residential, commercial and industrial settings.
  4. Retail: Packaging of pesticide products sold at garden stores, home improvement centers, and other retail stores.

Print pesticide labels and pesticide labels

The basics of pesticide labeling

We know well the problems that pesticide labels face. You will feel secure when ordering pesticide label printing with Hadupack, because we always have a solution for materials:

  1. Highly durable and resistant to environmental conditions such as exposure to sunlight, humidity, temperature, etc.
  2. Effective adhesion, stick firmly to pesticide packaging.
  3. Pesticide labels are resistant to chemicals, do not react with pesticides.
  4. Easy to read and clear, effectively communicates important instructions, warnings and precautions.
  5. Anti-fading, tear-resistant, wear-resistant.
  6. Meet multi-language requirements with a multi-layer label printing solution.

Pesticide label printing materials

  1. Polyester Stamps
  2. Polypropylene stamps
  3. Vinyl stamps
  4. Silver stamps

Specifications for production of pesticide labels

  1. Roll or sheet…
  2. Produce any shape suitable for product packaging.
  3. Meet compliance with regulations on hazardous chemical labels.


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