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Perfume bottle label stamps – Perfume bottle label stamps

Perfume labels produced by Hadupack will make your perfume products not only eye-catching but also high quality.

Perfume labels reveal a lot about the essence of perfume and brand. The right label can make your perfume bottle more attractive to buyers while the wrong perfume bottle label can carry negative impression of your brand. At Hadupack, we have a wide range of bottle label printing solutions to make your products look much more attractive to customers. Hadupack will first present styles that we have studied for many years.

How to style a label for a perfume

The strong essence is kept in small bottles. For a perfumer looking to make his brand stand out, this quote takes on a whole new level of impact. You have to create a strong presence for that little jar.

A lot of times people tend to love one scent more because of the whole balance of the perfume – the color, the fragrance, the design of the bottle and the brand. You will need to find the perfect harmony between all of these factors.

Here are some ideas to style your perfume label:

Classic and elegant

A simpler, more classic perfume label can give your perfume bottle an elegant and timeless look. You can get this look by switching to black, white, or cream colors.

Typography plays a huge role, so experiment with different fonts and see which one best suits your colors and packaging.

In terms of shape, square and oval perfume labels never go out of style.

Bold and attractive

A boldly colored perfume label will take the first step towards capturing the customer’s attention. Maybe even love at first sight. For this style, use strong colors, patterns or gradients. Think of chic contrasts, unusual shapes and memorable accents.

You can make your product stand out by applying a soft thin film to the perfume label.

Friendly and approachable

If your perfume brand is geared towards natural ingredients and eco-friendly options, it would be a shame not to emphasize that on your perfume label.

For this style, you can switch to natural pastel colors and earth colors that will show calm and peace. If your brand is more environmentally oriented, you can also aim for the freshness that greens and blues bring.

Packaging is an important element for this type of brand and style.

Choose the type of perfume bottle label

We’ve introduced you to the style, it’s time to dive deeper into the ten fragrance labels you can choose from.

Perfume label stamped on the front

If you want to keep it simple and use the most popular option, the front label is the way to go.

This also means that all the focus will be on the label and bottle, so the impact will be greater. Be sure to make it iconic.

Front labels can fit any shape and size, even the most complex custom labels.

Perfume label stickers front and back

The solution is that you have 2 labels on the bottle. On the front, you can have a label identifying the perfume, and on the back, you can have more space for your brand or any other message you want to send to your customers. This way is more suitable for perfume bottles in rectangular rather than cylindrical bottles.

Labels around the perfume bottle

The label attached to the bottle can be used on all shapes and sizes of bottles. The wrap-around style is very common for cosmetic labels, such as lipstick labels. This type of label is less common for standard perfume bottles. However, it can make your product stand out because of it.

Our ability to print labels on perfume bottles

We have the leading state-of-the-art printing factory in the country, and an innovative approach to producing labels for many major brands in many industries. Our perfume labels are made from high quality materials, with many advantages such as:

  1. Luxurious feeling.
  2. Water resistant, chemical resistant.
  3. Durable, does not tear.
  4. Ink does not smudge, does not lose focus.
  5. Excellent print quality, image quality, color consistency.
  6. Many styles of label decoration such as embossing, embossing …



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