Wrapping paper



Wrapping paper

Hadupack is currently a company producing all kinds of wrapping paper products, carton materials, … with the most experience and reputation in the world market.

Applications of wrapping paper:

Hadupack’s wrapping paper is used for many fields and services. These can include industries such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, handicrafts, agricultural products, etc. Packing paper is often used to transport goods, prevent mold, increase shelf life, and preserve goods. chemical, anti-scratch goods surface, bring high benefits and efficiency, reduce costs for customers when using the product.

The advantages of wrapping paper:

  1. Using 100% imported materials: Paper material is an extremely important factor when evaluating product quality. Therefore, the raw materials used for the production of Hadupack are 100% imported from Europe and carefully tested for quality when exported to the market.
  2. The wrapping paper absorbs moisture and protects the product inside: Hygroscopic paper has a high ability to absorb moisture, ensuring in the hot and humid weather of Vietnam. In addition, paper also avoids other bad effects from the environment such as impact, harmful bacteria to the product that needs to be protected inside. Avoid rust for metal products, keep the best preserved goods, reduce costs and damage to businesses that need to be preserved for a long time.

Why buy wrapping paper at Hadupack

  1. Support consulting, sample testing, free shipping: All of Hadupack’s packaged products have certificates of foreign and Vietnamese accreditation, ensuring quality on each product. . The ordering and delivery process is simple, convenient, fast, and professional. Ensure progress for the partner company.
  2. Committed to the most competitive price in the market: With the role of both production and direct distribution in the market, paper products in general and desiccant paper products in particular are cheaper than those of paper products. with commercial companies in the market. However, the quality of the product remains unchanged.

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