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PVC heat shrink film

PVC shrink film has good transparency, after packaging can show the characteristics of the goods, the goods are packed, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, beautiful, convenient for handling display and display goods, invisible publicity.

PVC heat shrinkable film (black) has some residue and is grayish black, while PVC heat shrinkable film (blue) has good light transmission. In production, different packaging materials can be selected according to different costs and schemes, such as: heat shrinkable plastic film for packaging and graphic printing, horizontal and vertical heat shrinkage requirements equal.

PVC heat shrinkable film is a white powder with amorphous structure, small degree of branching, density about 1.4, coefficient of thermal expansion 77 ~ 90°C and begins to melt at about 170°C, poor reliability to light and heat. After long-term exposure to sunlight, it will decompose and form hydrogen chloride, and further catalyze decomposition, leading to discoloration and deterioration rapid decrease in physical properties. In actual use, thickeners must be added to improve stability against heat and light.

PVC shrink film is a globally recognized eco-friendly shrink film at this stage, with the characteristics of high transparency, high wear resistance, high shrinkage rate, which is the ideal raw material for making Pure color printing environmental protection shrink mark. Heat sealing cannot be used to make bags, it can only be used to make viscose-based hand labels, the proportion is relatively large and the cost is high, now mainly produced in Vietnam, Japan and the United States.

PVC Shrink Film
PVC Shrink Film
  • • PVC heat shrink film is widely used in wine, food, sportswear, tableware sterilization, electrical and electronic, daily necessities, artwork, construction products, documents audiovisual, medicine, stationery, small toys, gates, plastic hardware, glass. of different products such as ceramics make the appearance more unique and beautiful, improve the product packaging level and protect the product from dirt and waste. It is an ideal film packaging material at this stage.
  • • Heat shrink film uses far infrared radiation source to directly heat various types of films, the product is transferred to the shrink furnace through the conveyor, the product is loaded with shrink film, after sealing will go into the packing machine shrink and the product will be shrunk automatically. The heat shrink packaging machine consumes less electricity, the average power consumption per hour is only 2.1KW. It can effectively shrink the packaging and never damage the packaging. Controlled, stable and reliable, used for heat shrinking food, beverage, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemicals, etc.
  • • Heat shrink film packaging for light vehicles should become a popular development trend, reducing the net weight of the packaging, which is beneficial to the natural environment and the company’s profit. Raw materials based on fewer applications Produce packaging and implement measures to reduce net weight on packaging.
  • • Heat shrink film must have high puncture resistance, excellent shrinkage and relative shrinkage stress. During the shrinking process, the membrane should not form holes. Since shrink film is often used outdoors, UV protection must be added. Contains OPS/PE/PVC/POF/PET shrink film.

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Basic principles of pvc shrink film processing technology

It adopts fast cooling treatment and setting for injection molding process. This kind of quenching manufacturing process is designed based on polymer specification principle, when PVC pellets are plasticized and extruded into billet film, high polymer will move in horizontal and vertical direction between expansion coefficient thermal expansion and viscosity flow temperature.

Forced stretching is performed to cause the molecular chain of the polymer to move in the direction of stretching, at which point the plastic film is rapidly cooled to “lock” the tension caused by the direction of tension.

When the plastic film is heated/defrosted at 0 (90 ~ 110°C), it will cause stress relief, i.e. the fixed molecular structure chain will tend to decompose, which is forced to in excessive tension. The leash is restored to an elastic cord that was loose before being removed, thus providing excellent shrinkage performance for the heat shrinkable film.

PVC heat shrink film
PVC heat shrink film

The principle of establishing chain stretching of high molecular structure PVC heat shrink film

PVC heat shrinkable film mainly adopts the design principle of high-strength molecular structure chain stretching. The physical principle is that when the ionomer is in the state of elastic cotton, it tends to stretch. When the polymer is cooled rapidly to the glass transition temperature. Next, the molecular structure tends to be locked, now when the object is packed, due to the relaxation of molecular thermal stress, the molecular structure will return to its original state, leading to shrinkage. 

In general, the biomolecules of plastic films are naturally coiled and generally do not shrink when exposed to heat. The situation of the shrink film is different, its demulsification goes through two processes, after the raw material is melted, the film is stretched to the required temperature, and under the action of external force, the biomolecules learners cannot load each other, otherwise they will be locked.

At room temperature, the activity of bioplastic macromolecules is poor so this anomaly cannot be eliminated by thermal motion of the molecule, which is why heat shrinkable films do not shrink at room temperature. As everyone knows, this is just the surface, inside this seemingly stable heat shrinkable film hides unstable elements.

When the heat shrinkable film is reheated to a certain temperature, the locked biomolecules will begin to reactivate and the natural state will attempt to return to the natural state, resulting in shrinkage. This situation is basically like the situation where the elongated rubber band bounces back after being released.

At present, the popular heat shrinkable films on the market include PE shrink film, PVC shrink film, PP shrink film, POF co-extrusion shrink film and so on. In the line of large heat shrinkable packaging films, the three-layer POF extrusion shrink film. Heat shrink film is a new alternative that is slowly gaining popularity and acceptance in recent years.

PVC shrink wrap
PVC shrink wrap

Two main production line equipment

High speed mixer GH-200, low speed mixer GH-400, extruder SJ-65 (length to diameter ratio: 30B1), air compressor HEM-1152.

Three main stages of raw material procurement

PVC-SG6 epoxy resin, thickener, binder, modified material, lubricant, additive.

Regarding the separation performance of PVC heat shrinkable film, because the film process is different and the substances to be separated are different, the evaluation and qualitative analysis of the separation effect are also different. For all kinds of heat shrinkable films, the following 6 points mainly need to be considered.

  • ① Having the ability to select and pass the compounds to be separated means to be able to separate.
  • ②Separation capacity must be suitable, because separation efficiency and membrane pass efficiency are related, if separation efficiency is high, part of diffusion coefficient will be sacrificed, which will cause increase operating costs.
  • ③The key to the separation ability lies in the chemical properties of the PVC raw material as well as the shape and structure of the separation film, which is also related to some operating conditions during the separation process.

PVC heat shrinkable film can be used to encapsulate the insulation of household appliances and electronic components (such as the outer packaging of batteries); packaging of common objects and contact food packaging, etc. Using it as a packaging material can not only simplify the packaging process and reduce packing volume, but also because the folded transparent plastic film tightly wraps the packaged objects, which can be clearly displayed. clearly the color and shape of the object, so PVC is very popular. Shrink film is widely used in product packaging.

The original PVC heat shrinkable film is produced by the secondary forming process, that is, the primary granulation of pellets and the secondary blown film. This method adds a sufficient amount of thickener and lubricant, so the cost of the product is relatively high. In addition, due to the addition of a plasticizer, the product will be contaminated during processing, affecting performance.

With the development trend of the plastic industry, the application of plastic products has penetrated into all walks of life, especially in the field of packaging, plastic products have replaced other packaging materials thanks to their high quality. High quality and low price. Raw materials have been widely used, and their use in packaging food, medicine and daily necessities has skyrocketed.

PVC Shrink Film Roll
PVC Shrink Film Roll

5 environmental protection advantages of PVC heat shrinkable film!

The use of PVC heat shrinkable film is very extensive, the use is very convenient, and the environmental protection advantages of PVC heat shrink film are also outstanding, it has become a new kind of environmentally friendly packaging film, please let’s take a look at the advantages of PVC heat shrink environment.

Shrink film products are widely used in many industries because of the five advantages of shrink film, which are:

  • • A variety of goods can be packed in heat shrinkable packaging bags to avoid loss of small items and convenient for customers to carry.
  • • Different resins and formulations can be used to produce heat shrinkable films with different mechanical strengths and functions. They are not only used for inner packaging with lower strength and weight. lower products but also used for packaging machinery that requires higher durability Transport packaging (outer packaging) for products, building materials, ..
  • • Good transparency allows customers to see packaged products directly, making it easy for customers to choose products.
  • • Close to the shape of the product, it can be applied to the packaging of products with different shapes and wide package contents.
  • • Excellent anti-theft and dustproof properties.
Jumbo heat shrinkable pvc film
Jumbo heat shrinkable pvc film

Three elements of PVC heat shrinkable film design!

PVC heat shrinkable film has a very good performance, mainly due to the carefully designed manufacturing process, let’s take a look at the three design elements of PVC heat shrinkable film.

  • • Environmental protection performance. As people pay more attention to environmental protection, various decorative materials must also have better and better environmental protection performance. Therefore, manufacturers will fully consider the protection effect. their environment when designing, so that PVC heat shrinkable film is more environmentally friendly. Meet modern environmental protection requirements.
  • • The thin thickness of the PVC heat shrinkable film also needs to be carefully designed, the thickness of the heat shrinkable film used for different purposes will also have certain differences, so the manufacturer will design it differently. depending on the specific use when designing. Thick PVC heat shrinkable film for everyone to use.
  • • The shrinkage performance of PVC heat shrinkable film, the shrinkage performance is the basic guarantee for its normal use. Generally, the horizontal shrinkage rate of its material is higher than the vertical shrinkage rate, so it can be used more rationally. When using it, try to choose a material with a small vertical shrinkage rate.

Above are the three design elements of PVC heat shrinkable film, of course, manufacturers will also conduct rigorous testing through different processes during production to ensure the production quality of the film. PVC heat shrink. The above information is provided by the manufacturer of PVC heat shrinkable film BiNa Vietnam.

PVC heat shrinkable film manufacturers focus on product quality and service

Currently, the amount of heat shrinkable plastic packaging film in my country is up to hundreds of thousands of tons, including PVC, PS, PE and other materials, of which PVC is the heat shrinkable film with the highest market share. PVC heat shrinkable film product factory BiNa Vietnam International Co., Ltd, PVC heat shrinkable film manufacturer has advanced production equipment, strict quality assurance system and rich management experience. Specialized in manufacturing PVC heat shrinkable film, PE film, LLDPE shrink film and PE shrink bag. There are 12 production lines, 4 fully computerized heat cutting and welding machines, 2 fully computerized slitting machines, 2 semi-automatic welding and cutting machines and 2 kneading machines.

The development of heat shrink technology has promoted the marketization of heat shrinkable film, making PVC heat shrinkable film covering the packaging of electronic products, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and at the same time promoting the development of development of the flexible product packaging industry. At the same time, heat shrink labels and heat shrink bottle caps were also developed. It can be seen that technology has become an effective weapon to promote social progress.

In Vietnam, heat shrink film is mainly used in the following three areas. In the beverage packaging sector, the total amount of heat shrinkable beverage bottle labels required by beverage packaging, dairy product packaging and purified water packaging market exceeds 30,000 tons and is growing with The average annual rate is 18%. In the pharmaceutical packaging field, heat shrinkable films are gradually replacing cartons, greatly reducing the packaging costs of pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical packaging mainly refers to bottles, caps, boxes, films, etc. Used to pack medicine and medical machinery. In the field of beer packaging, my country’s beer production last year exceeded 51.89 million tons, about 82 billion bottles of beer are needed, if 5% of the packaging uses heat shrink film, the annual consumption will reach 50,000 tons, and the market potential is excellent.

PVC heat shrink film manufacturers believe that although the potential market for PVC heat shrinkable film is huge, the final consumer’s choice of product is still product quality and service. Based on many years of market experience, BiNa Vietnam plastic products factory actively explores consumer preferences and produces products with scientific design, novel shapes, and bright colors. and complete specifications.

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