PVC Film Roll



PVC Film Roll

PVC film is a material made from thermoplastic Polyvinylchloride based on the polymerization of vinylchloride (CH2=CHCl) and undergoes laminating and blowing process on a production line with high technology.

Currently, PVC film is widely applied in all areas of life from civil to industrial. However, the outstanding properties and advantages of this material are not well known. To help readers and customers understand better about PVC film, Hadupack will provide the most detailed information about this material right below.

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What is PVC film?

PVC film is very popular in the world, it is one of the top choices in thermoplastic films along with PE – Polyethylene and PP – Polypropylene. The reason it is so commonly used is because it possesses many advantages that other materials of the same use cannot meet.

PVC film is produced based on the film forming application of Polyvinylchloride, the product is formed after the reactions of vinylchloride and then the process of stamping, rolling and blowing on the production line. Depending on the amount of plastic added, manufacturers can create many types of pvc films such as:

  1. Rigid PVC film: To produce rigid pvc film, the plasticizer content added must be less than 5 phr (5 parts plasticizer/100 parts PVC).
  2. Semi-rigid PVC film: To produce a semi-rigid pvc film, the plasticizer content added must be from 5 phr to less than 15 phr (5 – 15 parts plasticizer/100 parts PVC).
  3. Soft PVC film: To produce a soft pvc film, the plasticizer content added must be 15 phr or more

Features of PVC film:

  1. Like other plastic materials, PVC film also has its own unique characteristics
  2. High temperature resistance: PVC film can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius
  3. Absolute waterproof: This material is almost impermeable to water, not permeable to oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic gases, etc., and is less affected by factors of the surrounding environment.
  4. Non-abrasive: PVC film does not wear out over time by surrounding factors
  5. Easy to clean: Thanks to the smooth and glossy surface, it is easy to clean with soap and water.
  6. Non-toxic: PVC is a plastic that does not contain harmful active substances that affect human health
  7. Transparent color: PVC film has a transparent color, has a translucent light, in addition, manufacturers can mix colors to create PVC films with different colors to suit the needs of each type of project.
  8. Fireproof: Able to withstand high temperature and difficult to burn
  9. Good sound insulation: PVC film has very good sound insulation, which helps to reduce noise pollution
  10. UV protection: PVC film also helps to reduce and block UV rays from the sun

Types of PVC film:

Currently, there are many types of plastic films produced to meet many different uses. At Hadupack, we manufacture and distribute all types of industrial PVC films at the best prices in the market.

Types of PVC films are being provided by us:

  1. Bathroom pvc curtain.
  2. PVC curtain to prevent cold.
  3. Large format transparent pvc film
  4. PVC curtain to prevent welding sparks
  5. PVC curtain to prevent dust and insects

Along with many other imported PVC films, if you are interested in any PVC film that we have not mentioned here, please contact us via Hotline +84 976 888 111 for advice.

Construction of PVC film

For the construction of PVC curtains, a metal frame and a strip suspension system are required. The plastic strips are hung freely and independently of each other on overlapping hangers, selected depending on the operating conditions of the plastic film. The frame construction allows the installation of curtains both directly into the door aperture and above the aperture (to the wall). Fastening to the wall is preferable, as the extreme ice formed overlaps with the wall.

Free and independent hanging strips are easily adopted, they can be removed, swapped, interchanged, to correct for the overlap of bands and use materials of different widths and thicknesses (combined version). The metal frame and strip suspension can be made of both galvanized metal and stainless steel.

Advantages and benefits of using PVC film

In each project, the selection of construction materials ensures the necessary needs to meet the maintenance of employee productivity levels, maintaining cleanliness, good maintenance, reducing noise levels… is one of the most important tasks. top criteria. PVC film is one of the materials that meet such requirements. These vinyl blinds can help you save on energy costs, reduce noise and pollutants, and much more.

Save on energy costs:

Each area of your facility may require different levels of heating and cooling. For example, you may only want to heat or cool the part of the building where employees are working or invaluable equipment is located. Instead of regulating the temperature of the entire building, you can focus on that specific part by using PVC film strip curtains.

The thickness and insulation afforded by PVC film will effectively keep cold or hot air in, which will save you a significant amount of money on electricity bills that you would otherwise spend.

Strip curtains are also effective at maintaining a steady flow of air for specific locations in the building where temperatures can fluctuate, such as welding areas or freezers.

PVC film is also commonly used in addition to conventional doors as an additional measure to maintain a specific temperature.

Reduce noise, dust and pollutants:

Dirt noise is one of the distractions as well as affects the health of everyone working in it, especially in factories or any manufacturing plant with moving forklifts. and noisy facilities and machinery running continuously.

While you can’t completely eliminate these loud noises, you can reduce noise levels in designated areas of your facility by installing strip doors with PVC film. In addition to reducing sound from room to room, PVC curtains can also remove contaminants, dirt, and dust from entering a particular space.

Improve productivity

You know that everyday life in your building can be very hectic. With all these distractions, you may notice that your employees’ productivity levels have dropped.

Distractions in the work space such as noise and pollution can reduce employee productivity. Often, noise reduction can be established by isolating a specific area to enhance employee concentration and keep them working. The perfect solution is to use PVC film. While these industrial curtains are capable of blocking outside noise and creating physical barriers, they do not isolate employees.

Applications of PVC film:

If you have ever been in a restaurant, factory, warehouse or a medical facility, you will surely see PVC film curtains there. If you haven’t been to these places, you may have come across them in other places like the grocery store, bar entrance, bakery or any other location. These industrial plastic curtains are used in many different places with many different purposes

  1. The most common applications of PVC film
  2. Used in special production facilities of meat and seafood processing enterprises
  3. Used in shops and supermarkets to divide the premises according to hygiene requirements
  4. They can be used as a special curtain for commercial shelves, which improves product safety
  5. Used to construct insulation items in cold storage, refrigerated vehicles to maintain temperature
  6. Make convenient doors to prevent dust and noise
  7. Used as a removable soft wall at the partition between components in a production facility, but still ensures easy movement back and forth
  8. Making diaphragms for clean rooms, laboratories…

There are also many other applications of PVC film that we have not mentioned. Depending on the purpose of use, PVC film will have different applications.

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