What is PLA granules?

PLA (Polylactic Acid) granules are a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable sources. The composition of this material includes additives such as cornstarch, cassava, sugarcane, etc. With the ability to decompose in the environment, PLA plastic is widely used for daily use. These can be mentioned as food packaging, trays or cups, cups, etc.

Mechanical and physical properties of PLA granules:

Some outstanding mechanical and physical properties of PLA plastic beads include:

  1. The melting point of PLA plastic is in the range of 190 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius
  2. This is a material with good elasticity and outstanding flexibility
  3. This is a kind of printing resin that has good usability for all types of printers

Because PLA is a thermoplastic, it is capable of softening under heat and curing when cooled. In the process of being subjected to heat, PLA plastic only changes its physical properties, not its chemical properties. So PLA plastic has the ability to regenerate many times.

Advantages and disadvantages of PLA plastic granules:

a.Advantages of PLA granules

  1. Reduce dependence on fossil raw materials: PLA plastic is produced from natural renewable ingredients such as corn starch, cassava roots, sugarcane, potatoes, etc. dependent on fossil fuels (oil). In addition, this material is very environmentally friendly and safe for users.
  2. Waste from PLA is used as microbial fertilizer: After use, PLA plastic products will be decomposed by microorganisms into biomass. These biomass are used as a very good microbial fertilizer for plants
  3. Products from PLA decompose into substances beneficial to plants: PLA plastic can be converted into biological fertilizer after undergoing industrial processing. The surface is permeable, allowing microorganisms to easily penetrate to promote the natural decomposition process. Under the influence of organisms in suitable conditions. PLA decomposes into CO2, water and biohumus. These are substances that are especially good for plants and do not pollute the environment.
  4. No pollution to the environment: The burning process of PLA plastic does not produce toxic volatiles when burned. Unlike traditional plastics, which often have an unpleasant odor and cause environmental pollution. PLA plastic does not create odors and does not affect the surrounding environment.
  5. PLA plastic degradation time is much shorter than ordinary plastic: If traditional plastic has a decomposition time of up to hundreds, even thousands of years, PLA plastic only needs a few saints, or a few years. This is the outstanding advantage that helps reduce the burden of plastic waste for the environment of PLA plastic

b.Disadvantages of PLA granules:

  1. Production depends on raw materials: Production depends on raw materials. Manufacturing plants need to be located near corn, cassava, and sugarcane fields to be viable in terms of production costs.
  2. PLA plastic only decomposes under certain conditions: Most PLA plastic products can only be decomposed under industrial processing conditions. That is, they only decompose under certain conditions of temperature and microorganisms. Under natural conditions, the decomposition process is unlikely to occur.
  3. The cost of PLA plastic is higher than that of ordinary plastics: Due to the high characteristics of the plastic industry, there are not many PLA factories. As an environmentally friendly plastic, the manufacturing process of PLA on an industrial scale requires high technology and high costs. Therefore, the cost of this material is also higher than that of traditional plastic materials

Application of PLA plastic granules:

  1. PLA plastic application in packaging field: We can easily find PLA components in products such as trays, food containers, food wrappers, etc. With modified PLA, it is also reinforced with some additives. It is therefore resistant to UV rays and visible light. Therefore, this material is suitable for the production of antibacterial food packaging to ensure the safety of foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, etc.
  2. PLA plastic application in the agricultural field: Bio-coating film made from PLA plastic helps to bury the fruit ripening speed, keep fertilizer, moisture, inhibit fungal infection, etc. Moreover, it also reduces the growth of weeds. rabies and insects as well as increased resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  3. PLA plastic application in the field of transportation: Some products such as floor mats, handles, seats from Toyota, car arch systems and carpets from Ford, car covers from Mitsubishi, etc. are all applications. highlights of this plastic material.
  4. PLA plastic application in electronics: Some products that apply PLA plastic such as music player cases, fireproof equipment, computer chassis systems, computer cases, phone cases are products that brands famous as Mitsubishi, NEC corp, Samsung trust.
  5. Application of PLA in tissue culture: Living cells can proliferate to create living tissues by implanting living cell connective tissue with a framework of biological materials. In addition, the material can help replace living tissues and benefit organ transplants. PLA plastic has been successfully tested in the regeneration of tissues in organs such as bones, cartilage, bladder, etc.
  6. PLA plastic application in drug carrier and delivery: With high biocompatibility, PLA is used to deliver drugs for tetanus. In addition, it also conducts oral insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes, drug delivery for cancer treatment.

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