PP bags (polypropylene)



PP bags

PP bags are made from the main material is Polypropylene, plastic symbol number 5 placed in an isosceles triangle. PP bags are the safest plastic bags for health, ensure food safety and hygiene and are widely used. Hadupack shares with you all information about PP packaging

PP bags and outstanding advantages:

The bag has high crystal transparency to enhance the image of any product inside. PP bags are stiffer, clearer and more expensive than PE bags. PP bags are very good for industries like food, electronic and electronic manufacturing, medical, agriculture.

Advantages of PP plastic bags:

  • ✓Resistant to chemicals, high temperature and good scratch resistance
  • ✓High transparency like crystal, when packaged, the product inside is very clear
  • ✓Outstanding resistance to water vapor and moisture.
  • ✓Meet the standards of food safety and hygiene, meet the conditions to pack goods for export to Europe, America, Japan.
  • ✓Fast decomposition time, consuming less resources and energy when producing.
  • ✓Sturdy enough to pack heavy, sharp and angled products.
  • ✓Has the property of repelling O2, steam, grease and other gases. Polypropylene bags are commonly used in food preservation because of their ability to slow down evaporation and water loss.
  • ✓Has better heat resistance than PE bag and also very good electrical and chemical properties
  • ✓High melting point (160oC-180oC), if there is no external force, can keep 3D state at 150oC.

How many types of PP bags are there?

The basis of this classification is based on the raw materials used to produce polypropylene bags.

Primary PP bags: Primary PP bags are created from primary plastic particles produced on an industrial scale in large quantities. This type of virgin plastic packaging for superior storage, more transparency, more toughness.

Recycled PP bags: Recycled PP bags are created from recycled plastic particles, ie used plastics. After being recycled, this plastic is used to make bags. This type of bag is only suitable for non-safety applications such as garbage bags.

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Production of PP (polypropylene) plastic bags:

Hadupack manufactures and distributes PP plastic bags tailored to specific applications. We always have the optimal solution for your packaging needs. From anti-static bags, bags come in different colors to create eye-catching packaging for your items. OFFER

Flat bottom polypropylene bag, cellophane bag:

Flat bottom nylon bags are also known as cellophane bags. This is a bag that comes in two sizes – width and length. Each bag is measured while laying flat, and they can be heat-sealed, tied, stapled. These cellophane bags are certified for food safety, which makes them a great choice for storing food, medical, electronic devices, etc.

Roll PP cellophane bag:

Like other flat bottom PP bags, only two sizes measure width and length. But this type of cellophane bag is a continuous seamless roll with cutouts so that they can both be joined together while still being able to easily tear each piece out of the roll.

Cellophane bag with Zip lock:

This type of PP packaging has extra grooves. These are often referred to as Zipper bags. They can be used for a number of applications, including food storage, electronics, and many more.

Heat resistant PP bag:

Polypropylene Withstands temperatures higher than 100oC. However, the sealing temperature (body) of PP packaging (140oC), higher than PE, Polypropylene can cause melting and damage to the external structural laminate, so PP is rarely used as the innermost layer.

Bags with mouth glue for sewing, Cellophane bags with mouth glue
Although transparent PP bags allow a clear view of the product from the outside, for many types of products that shoppers want to experience the product, such as trying on, touching the fabric, etc. The thin layer of glue to stick the mouth of the bag allows. Consumers view goods and products inside more conveniently. Cellophane bags with mouth glue are suitable for the garment industry, stationery …

How to choose PP bag size?

Choosing the right size PP bag is very important, not only helps you save costs, but also reduces waste into the environment. To determine the correct PP cellophane bag size, follow these steps:

Measure your product:

For packaging purposes, you will need to measure the product dimensions to find which poly bag size fits best. You can find your product dimensions by taking quick measurements of the product’s length, width, and depth if applicable.

Your product will also determine the type and style of bag you need. For example:

If your product is flat and two dimensional, a simple flat bottom bag will best meet your needs and come in standard measurements. However, if your product is three-dimensional or has a non-standard shape, you will need a stand-up pouch that can fit around the product.

Measure your polypropylene packaging:

When you have finished taking product measurements, remember that the size of the bag should be larger than the size you want it to be. Please add a few centimeters to the wide length of the bag. Bags that are too tight can stretch or tear, which can be a concern if your product has sharp or pointed edges.

Understand the types of polypropylene bags:

Polypropylene bags come in a variety of sizes, uses and constructions, so it’s important to understand that different types of bags will require different measurements and ordering processes. Here are a few common examples:

Flat Polypropylene Bags: Standard flat poly bags come in many sizes with simple measurements – just length and width.

  • ✓Hip Folded Polypropylene Pouch: The sides of this bag can expand for a snug and snug shape.
  • ✓Roll of polypropylene bags: For each roll, the total roll length is the total length of the bags. The width of the roll will be equal to the bag width


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