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What is PP Plastic Granules? Features and Applications

PP plastic beads are derived from petroleum. With its superior properties, pp plastic is currently being applied in many different industries. So what is pp plastic beads? What is the application of pp plastic in industries? Let’s find out more details through this article!

1. Learn about pp . plastic beads

PP plastic beads are considered one of the best plastics today. Widely applied in many different fields such as furniture, industry, civil and manufacturing.

1.1 What is pp plastic?

PP plastic beads have the correct name Polypropylene, formed from the distillation of petroleum. PP resin has excellent transparency and gloss, very suitable for printing and storing ink. Therefore, this plastic bead is mainly used for the production of all kinds of packaging today. PP plastic granules have the following characteristics:

  1. PP plastic beads are formed from the distillation of petroleum
  2. Transparent, good waterproof ability
  3. Colorless, odorless, impermeable
  4. Non-toxic during use, high mechanical strength, quite hard and not as flexible as PE
  5. Withstands maximum temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, melting point 165 degrees Celsius
  6. The surface gloss is high, so the printing ability is quite good
  7. Resistant to oxygen, grease and other gases

1.2 What are the applications of pp plastic?

  1. Hard and not flexible like other plastics, so it is used to spin yarn for product packaging
  2. As a coating film on the outside of the product, increasing the waterproofness, air permeability, creating a natural gloss for the product for easier printing.
  3. PP plastic beads belong to primary plastic beads, so it is very safe and durable during use, so it is often chosen as children’s toys, milk bottles or medical needles.
  4. The spinning property is also produced into high-quality home mats
  5. Covers for the outside of audio equipment or for use in the microwave oven
  6. Widely used in the laboratory or as a safe water bottle

1.3 Is pp plastic harmful?

People are often concerned about the safety factor for plastic products. So pp plastic beads can ensure this factor or not?

The nature of pp plastic beads is always highly safe during use. However, in reality, this depends a lot on the production process of each unit as well as on the additive ingredients added in the production process of the product.

3. Popular types of PP plastic granules

On the market today, there are 3 popular types of PP plastic beads:

  • 3.1 Primary PP plastic granules: Primary PP plastic beads are made by separating from petroleum through distillation process. Primary plastic beads are pure plastic beads without any additives, so this plastic bead is a quality material with high use value.
  • 3.2 Recycled PP granules: PP recycled plastic pellets PP is a type of plastic that is regenerated from old plastic products with many other additives doped.
  • 3.3 PP spinning beads: PP spinning is a line of materials with high mechanical strength, no stretching, can withstand melting temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius, excellent resistance to oxygen, steam and grease.

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  1. 5 reasons to buy virgin PP plastic beads at Hadupack
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