PBT Plastic Granules



PBT Plastic Granules

PBT resin is a thermoplastic engineering polymer used as an insulator in the electrical and electronics industries. The material usually ranges in color from transparent white to opaque white with high gloss and surface hardness.

PBT plastic has hard properties, good mechanical properties, and is less susceptible to wear during use. Chemicals other than acids, inorganic bases, and solvents other than PBT are not effective. Good heat resistance up to 180 degrees Celsius. Fast crystallization speed, thermal stability and low elasticity. Low hygroscopicity, low electrical influence, stable size. The material easily shows cracks and is brittle.

What is PBT plastic granules? This is a plastic material with diverse applications in life because of its outstanding characteristics. However, not many people know about this plastic material. To understand the concept of PBT plastic, its properties, advantages, disadvantages and applications. Please follow the article below:

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What is PBT plastic granules?

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic engineering polymer used as an insulator in the electrical and electronics industries. The chemical formula of PBT plastic is (C12H12O4)n. Compared to PET, PBT plastic has slightly lower durability and hardness. In addition, the impact resistance as well as the glass transition temperature are also slightly lower.

Properties of PBT plastic beads

  1. PBT plastic pellets are a polymer with outstanding electrical and mechanical properties
  2. PBT plastic beads have good hardness, high mechanical properties, easy processing, toughness, low friction coefficient, dimensional stability and no abrasion during use.
  3. Besides inorganic acids and bases, solvents other than PBT are not effective
  4. The operating temperature of PBT plastic can be up to 150 degrees Celsius. The operating temperature of glass fiber is 200 degrees Celsius. Therefore, fire retardants can be used to prevent fire and explosion.
  5. PBT’s ability to withstand compression is very good, has little creep, is durable and has good impact resistance. Resists chlorine and caustics very well
  6. PBT plastic can be glued and welded well because of its ability to absorb low moisture. Dimensional stability, non-toxic, electrical insulation, thermal stability, good chemical stability
PBT resin
PBT resin

Advantages and disadvantages of PBT plastic beads

Among the high-quality plastic materials, PBT plastic has the following outstanding advantages:


  1. PBT plastic beads are flexible: The flexibility advantage of PBT plastic is significantly improved after glass fiber reinforcement. If PBT plastic is not reinforced, the measured tensile strength is 50MPa. After reinforcing with glass additives, the measured tensile strength is 170MPa. However, the amount of glass additives should be used in moderation. If the amount of this additive is too much, it will cause brittleness and crystallization in the PBT plastic after reinforcement.
  2. PBT plastic beads adapt to environmental changes: If the temperature is stable, the resistance of PBT plastic is very good. The addition of fibers enhances mechanical and thermal properties to help PBT plastic adapt to all environmental harshness.
  3. PBT plastic beads can block UV rays: The advantage of blocking UV rays is thanks to the benzotriazole-type UV stabilizing additive that is often combined with PBT plastic.
  4. PBT plastic beads have strong chemical resistance: PBT plastic products have strong resistance to some chemicals such as alcohol, dilute acids, solvents such as oils and greases. Therefore, PBT material has high applicability in the production of plastic products exposed to organic solvents.


  1. The molding ability is not high, the crystallization speed is slow: without glass fiber additives, the crystallization speed of PBT plastic is very slow.
  2. Poor resistance to hydrolysis: In the PBT resin molecule containing an ester bond, the cleavage of the ester bond occurs in water at a temperature higher than its glass transition temperature. The hydrolysis process creates an acidic environment that increases the rate of hydrolysis and the efficiency is significantly reduced
  3. Easy to warp due to high shrinkage differential: This is due to the orientation of the glass fiber in the flow direction causing shrinkage of the plastic. This shrinkage is horizontal and perpendicular to the direction of flow. Uneven shrinkage between directions is the cause of warping above

Application of PBT plastic beads

Thanks to the above advantages, PBT plastic beads are used in the following fields:

  1. PBT plastic pellets for producing electrical and electronic components: PBT plastic components can be easily found in products used for electrical insulation such as household electrical sockets, cars, materials, etc. thanks to the advantages of resistance and Extremely high mechanical strength of this material.
  2. PBT plastic pellets for producing computer keyboards: Thanks to its abrasion-resistant structure, UV protection and high hardness, PBT is a popular material in the production of computer keyboards.
  3. PBT plastic pellets in car production: Can include some plastic parts of cars such as mirror covers, vents, sensor covers or fuses,… thanks to their fireproof properties and can withstand the effects of external forces. , thermal stability and chemical resistance of this material
  4. Application of PBT plastic in the production of swimming pool equipment: Thanks to its strong water resistance and chlorine resistance, PBT is used in the production of swimming pool circulation equipment or swimming pool filter racks,… In addition, PBT is also used in Found in swimwear materials because of its excellent resistance to UV rays
  5. PBT plastic beads used in the production of brushes and false eyelashes: When reinforced and processed in fiber form. PBT plastic is used to produce toothbrushes and false eyelashes with the advantage of being soft. These are products that are very popular in the market.

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