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What Is Honeycomb Paper? Practical Application of Honeycomb Paper

Paper honeycomb is a material that is applied in many fields, especially packaging production. However, there are still people who do not know about its quality and outstanding advantages. To learn more about the features and applicability of this product, let’s explore with Hadupack in the following article.

What is honeycomb paper?

We will first get acquainted with some interesting information about this type of paper.

Name of honeycomb carton paper

Honeycomb cardboard is also known in English as Honeycomb Paper. Made from the main material is recycled paper, so it is very friendly to the environment as well as to the user, because it is non-toxic and highly biodegradable. This is a material commonly used in construction, logistics and packaging. Today it is also used to make the core of many soundproof doors.

Paper honeycomb texture

Honeycomb paper is a honeycomb-inspired material with a hexagonal structure – this is also the reason for its name. Its structure consists of an inner layer of paper called the core. Then run two sides of the outer paper (kraft / surface paper) to form a paper of different thickness depending on the needs and purposes of the customer.

History of honeycomb paper

The first use of paper honeycomb was discovered in World War II. They were used to make part of fighter aircraft. It was later used in the reconstruction of Europe after World War II ended.

At that time, construction materials such as bricks, wood… became very scarce and expensive. Therefore, people need to find an alternative material to save costs for the works. This paper fully met those requirements and began to grow in North America. Up to now, it has been applied in many fields and popular all over the world.

The great advantages of honeycomb carton paper

If you are skeptical about the potential of this paper, please refer to the following 4 outstanding advantages:

Help save costs

This material is favored by many businesses because they help save a lot of costs. The cost of manufacturing, transporting and packaging this product are all much cheaper than plastic or wood. Moreover, they are also made from recycled paper so they are biodegradable. Thus, we do not need to spend money on waste treatment but can save maximum input materials.

Super light weight

In the field of construction and packaging, this is a great alternative to concrete or wood materials. This type of paper is very light (compared to wood or concrete, it is 4 – 10 times lighter). However, thanks to its special structure, its bearing capacity is excellent.

Resistance to fire

This ability is made possible by the multi-layered structure of the paper. Furthermore, to ensure standard fire resistance, accompanying structures such as cement and steel are also designed. Ordinary solvents and water are unlikely to affect this material. They are therefore rarely corroded and resistant to rot.

Effective heat and sound insulation

Paper has the ability to reduce heat and sound insulation thanks to the structure containing a lot of dead space. These spaces are all air, so they conduct heat and sound extremely poorly. Thanks to this advantage, this type of paper is used a lot in fields such as construction.

Great bearing capacity

Composed with a hexagonal honeycomb structure, this is the most durable natural structure with great bearing capacity, although using only paper materials, when combined with accompanying materials they can withstand considerable forces beyond imagination.

Practical application of honeycomb paper

As we have learned, honeycomb paper is used in many different industries. Among them, paper packaging production is the industry that uses this type of paper the most. Thanks to outstanding advantages such as strong structure, this material is used as paper pallets or as containers. They can form extremely strong cartons and packages that are not damaged during transportation.

Besides, there are some applications of honeycomb paper in other industries and fields such as:

  1. Handicraft industry: People often use honeycomb paper to produce tables and chairs with simple designs and high utility. This material helps manufacturers save maximum costs but not less beautiful.
  2. Decoration industry: Cardboard paper is often used to decorate interiors, tables and chairs, floor mats, decorative panels inside cars and ships.
  3. Mechanical industry: In this industry, honeycomb paper is used as a door core, wooden or steel doors with a honeycomb paper core not only have high aesthetics but also ensure the safety of your home because of its good heat and sound insulation.
  4. Construction industry: Using honeycomb cardboard as soundproof, heat and light insulation is a new but extremely effective method in construction. It is both modern, economical and can completely replace current materials.
  5. Exporting ceramic industry: Honeycomb wrapping paper, honeycomb paper pallet is an indispensable material in the process of packing, transporting and exporting high-class goods such as ceramics thanks to its very high bearing capacity.

Honeycomb paper is increasingly advancing and becoming popular in the way of industrial production. No one can doubt the amazing advantages of this material. Hopefully, the above article has provided you with enough information to answer the question of what is honeycomb paper. For all printing and honeycomb paper production needs, please contact Hadupack for support in the fastest way.


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