Epe Foam Tray



Epe Foam Tray, Shaped Pe foam tray

The profiled PE foam tray is created according to the individual shape and size of each product to fix the product, many thicknesses and colors. It is waterproof, chemical resistant, prevents bacteria, mold.

The permissible temperature range is -30°C to +80°C. The design consideration is the temperature to which the foam is exposed for long periods of time.

With lower temperature, it becomes hard when at higher temperature, the profiled foam tray will become softer and more pliable, which can affect elasticity.

Anti-static PE foam – ESD . Foam

Anti-static foam is dyed pink for identification. Anti-static PE foam (ESD) protects products, especially electronic devices that are sensitive to static electricity. They prevent the build-up of static electricity caused by the friction of objects rubbing against them in motion.

  1. Impact resistant, non-corrosive, non-toxic and odorless. Immune to moisture, fungi and chemicals.
  2. Not conductive / discharge / static electricity.
  3. Can be cut, split and laminated.
  4. Polyethylene Static dissipation < 10 11 ohms, minimizing the generation of electrostatic charge
  5. Provides protection from physical impact during handling, packaging, transportation and storage of electrostatically sensitive devices (ESD).
  6. Ideal for short-term use
  7. Easily adapted for custom uses by die-cutting, laminating, and more.
  8. No contamination, no corrosion and no peeling
  9. Low price

Hadupack provides Pe foam, ESD tray, Foam film products suitable for all kinds of electronic factories, manufacturers, transportation, storage, business.



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