Taffeta Woven Labels



TAFFETA fabric label – Taffeta woven label

Taffeta woven label is the cheapest garment label. It’s plain woven fabric label; Less weave density, soft to the touch.

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Woven Taffeta fabric labels are the most economical option. Taffeta labels have less woven density but are still soft to the touch. Taffeta labels are very durable and washable and subject to strong wear and tear.

Commonly used to make guide labels, decoration and size labels, garment size labels.

Taffeta labels can be found on almost any product you can think of—bags, hats, scarves, and many apparel accessories.

Advantages of Taffeta fabric label

  1. Taffeta dries quickly, so if you produce swimwear or towels, taffeta labels could be a great choice for you.
  2. Taffeta is thinner and more transparent than woven labels
  3. Taffeta is a cheaper option than satin with good quality
  4. Easy to process, when cut does not fray.
  5. Taffeta can be produced for fabric labels by weaving or printing.


  1. Taffeta is not breathable, so it will stick to the user’s skin in hot weather.
  2. Taffeta is not suitable for luxury products. These products should use cotton or satin fabric stamps


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