PE Foam Sheet Roll for Packing



Foam Sheet Roll for Packing

PE Foam shaped sheets and rolls is a product often used to define packaging materials or wrap them according to the appropriate size and shape,… Thanks to PE foam, the goods will shipped safely and intact when it reaches the buyer.

What is PE Foam?

PE Foam, also known as PE Foam (English name: Polyethynene Foam) is made from Polyethynene plastic to make a film or foam sheet. PE Foam is a non-toxic, tasteless, durable, lightweight, and resilient material. It is commonly used for packaging industrial and agricultural goods due to its excellent anti-impact, anti-vibration, moisture-proof, heat-insulating properties and unaffected by chemicals.

Main features

PE Foam has the original color after production is white, besides, it can also be produced in pink, yellow with the required thickness, length, and size.

On the surface, many long wavy waves are created to obtain the highest elasticity and minimize the impact force on the product to be preserved. It is very smooth and soft, with a thickness of 0.5 to 5mm, it can be easily sewn or welded into a bag to store products.

PE Foam is made from PE plastic, so it is very environmentally friendly, non-toxic, can be safely used to wrap fruit and food, and can be reused for many years.

Reasonable thickness and usage of foam film

  1. PE Foam has a thickness of 0.5 – 1mm: used to wrap goods, pack small and light products such as electronic components, carton padding, in the production process, an antistatic additive is added.
  2. PE Foam with a thickness of 2mm – 5mm: used to line wooden floors, cover glassware, ceramics and other common goods.
  3. PE Foam with a thickness of 5mm – 30mm: used for sound insulation, heat insulation, used for lining, inserting all kinds of crates and boxes
  4. PE Foam with a thickness of > 50mm: usually cut into sheets instead of rolls, because this thickness is quite large, it is difficult to pack in rolls, has properties such as toughness, waterproof, heat insulation and heat resistance and very good sound absorption.

The use of PE Foam for packaging is popular in many fields and industries, such as furniture, fine art furniture, electronic product manufacturing, textiles, transportation, fine crafts. technology, export goods.

In addition, PE foam is also used to produce silver coated foam, silver foam bags.


  1. Product form: Roll or sheet, The length of each roll can be customized to meet customers’ requirements
  2. Certification: ISO, RoHS
  3. Thickness: from 0.5mm -> 50mm on request
  4. Color: White, pink, yellow, blue, black…
  5. Width: 1m x 1.3m

Comparison of air foam film and Pe Foam film

Air foam film and Pe Foam film are both excellent for product protection and are light in weight, saving shipping costs. But which is better?

Choosing the right type of foam film has a significant impact on the efficiency of your production and business activities. Here is Hadupack guide on how to choose the right foam film for your needs!

Bubble film

Bubble film contains hundreds of tiny air pockets encased in layers of polyethylene. These air bubbles act as a soft cushion to help absorb shocks and prevent damage.

The benefits of using bubble film

It is extremely light, easy to use, and can reduce shipping costs. Offering excellent all-round protection, the highly flexible Air Foam Film comes in a variety of varieties, most commonly in rolls, easy to cut to length and avoids waste of material. It is also anti-static, which is a leading solution for electronics packaging as it will not generate a static charge.

What is the best bubble wrap for any product?

Bubble film comes in different bubble sizes; there are even heavy duty reels that can be used for machinery and engine parts, and its durability makes it ideal for long distance transportation in harsh conditions.

Which products are bubble wrap not suitable for?

Bubble wrap is not suitable for polished wrap. It runs the risk of leaving small stains that are difficult to remove. Items constructed of metal, glass or polished wood are all susceptible to this. It is best to choose an alternative protective material for products made of these materials.

Bubble film provides protection for any type of goods, however, it is not recommended for products with highly polished surfaces, as scratches and bubbles may occur. on surfaces such as glass, metal or polished wood.

PE foam film

The PE foam film consists of small air bubbles, providing excellent cushioning and bouncing of the material. It is both lighter and thinner than Bubble Film and also takes up less storage space.

Benefits of using PE foam

PE foam is a lightweight and thin material that offers incredible protection. Exceptionally resistant to rubbing and scratching, abrasion thus does not scratch items, making it suitable for packing polished and shiny items. PE foam can be reused many times without being damaged too quickly. Easily cut to different sizes and thicknesses.

Which product is the best PE foam film?

PE foam film is completely non-abrasive, it will not scratch or leave any marks. It’s perfect for wrapping polished and shiny items like metal, glass or polished wood. Insulated to protect temperature-sensitive items. PE foam is less likely to generate static electricity than Bubble Film, which means it is more suitable for packaging electrical equipment.

Why not combine PE foam with Bubble film?

To sum up, Bubble film is the best choice for fragile, fragile products. PE Foam film resists scratches, abrasion, is cheap and saves space than air foam film.

For optimal product protection, you can combine these two materials. Imagine Shock Absorbent Bubble Film with the non-abrasive properties of PE Foam Film!


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