Pallet Cover Bags



Pallet Cover Bags

Pallet Cover Bags is made from polyethylene (PE), the bag is box-shaped, the width and length is the same as most standard pallets. Wrap bags are used to cover materials on a pallet or as a lining to keep packaged goods away from sunlight, UV rays, dirt, moisture and steam. Pallet covers are the perfect solution for most shipping needs. Protects as strong as stretch film, but at a cheaper price.

Other names: pallet bag; pallet bag, cargo bag, cargo bag, box bag, duffel bag…

Features of pallet bags:

  1. Because it is made from PE plastic, it has the same characteristics as PE plastic bags ( PE bag  )the cover bags have very high resistance, difficult to tear, difficult to puncture and frayed.
  2. Non-toxic, high elasticity, easy to recycle.
  3. Hugging close to the product or pallet makes the package very neat, dust-proof, moisture-proof, can even be welded or vacuumed.
  4. Wrapping pallets with box bags takes very little time compared to the wrapping method.

Specifications of Pallet cover bag:

The technical parameters of the box bag include: width, length (size of the bottom 2 sides of the box), height (size of the vertical edge) and finally the thickness of the bag. The unit of measurement is usually millimeters (mm).

The color of the box/cover bag: opaque white, transparent, blue or black, with or without printing, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Basic dimensions when producing box bags:

The size of the box bag is manufactured according to the standard pallet sizes.

Minimum bag thickness: 0.025mm – Maximum bag thickness: 0.3mm

Long Wide High Thick
1100 1100 650 0,09
1100 1100 1250 0,09
1100 1100 1000 0,09
1100 1100 850 0,09
1100 1100 1050 0,09
Tolerance Width : ±10 Height : ±10 Thickness : ±0.01

How to properly measure pallet bag size:

PE box bag to cover pallet during transportation, warehouse or outdoor storage. Easy to use, just bring the bag to the top of the pallet and drop it for full coverage.

The determining size of bag box:

Note: Width (R) is short length

  1. Length of bag = Length of pallet plus from 2.5cm to 5cm
  2. Width of bag = Width of pallet plus from 2.5cm to 5cm
  3. Height of the bag = Height of the pallet + Width of the pallet (so that the bag can cover the bottom of the box)

Example: Pallet: 80cm long; 72cm wide; 100cm high

Then the size of the pallet box bag will be: 85cm long; 77cm wide; Height 136cm

Which industry uses the PE Covered Pallet Bag?

Brick pallet bag

Export brick is the field that uses a lot of box bags to cover export brick pallets, it saves maximum space and size and is very quick to pack. In addition, the size of the bag is very light, and does not affect the weight of your goods and incur additional costs during transportation.

Covered bags effectively protect brick pallets from dirt, moisture, helping brick manufacturers to be assured that their products are not subject to common problems during transportation or storage. .

Hooded bag for export packing:

  1. PE box bags are a type of packaging material that will replace rolling films in the near future because of its convenience:
  2. Pallet bags can be used to line large cartons and then store goods
  3. Cover up unused machinery until or after the end of the operation
  4. The box covers electronic devices such as televisions and refrigerators during cleaning, transportation or painting or home repair.
  5. Covering pallets, parcels for transportation and storage…

Cover bag, waterproof box bag, protect property due to rain and flood:

Using cover bags, PE box bags is an effective and cheaper solution than plastic tarpaulins. Especially in the rainy and flood situation, even transporting tarpaulins to people in disaster areas is more inadequate than using boxed plastic bags. With the cost of using box bags, households can stock up to protect household items effectively.

Waterproof nylon bags are very durable, very difficult to tear, difficult to puncture and fray, do not rot, are soft, tear in water and have many uses such as:

  1. Protect food and food from flooding by putting rice bags in bags and tying them up.
  2. Protect electronics such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, etc.
  3. Wrap books, papers, documents, necessities
  4. Can change raincoat
  5. Wrap relief gifts to bring to disaster areas…

The company that manufactures pallet box bags:

Hadupack is one of the leading pallet bag manufacturers and distributors. We have what it takes to provide quality pallet bags that fully meet our customers’ requirements in terms of strength, thickness, size and color.


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